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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Very Necessary Shout-Out

See that oh-so-gorgeous time-keeping widget in the upper right corner of my blog, which is even now counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Before I Fall hits the shelves (and you guys hit the stores to snag a copy? Right, guys? Please? Pretty please??)?

Well, guess who made that fine-looking functional piece of work?


Okay, so I've never actually met Carla in person, but she blogs here (thecrookedshelf.blogspot.com) and she is participated in my international Before I Fall ARC tour, and from our various communications back and forth I can tell she's awesome. I am really looking forward to meeting her next year when I go to England (crossing fingers she and Jenny of Wondrous Reads will be in London at the same time as me and we can all meet up at a pub!).

Anyway, just had to say a public thank-you. Carla, You Rock.

Okay. Off to snooze. A manana, amigos.


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Carla said...

Thank you!!! I cant believe you blogged about this, you are such a sweetie!! and you are most welcome. Me and Jenny were talking about you last night over food and saying how excited we were to meet you next year. We will have mucho fun!! :-)

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