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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Westchester Loving

So, on Friday I participated in an incredible event at the lovely and charming Larchmont Indie Bookstore, THE VORACIOUS READER, owned by the lovely and charming Francine (pic below). I GOT TO SHARE THE STAGE WITH GAYLE FORMAN, author of the lyrical and heart-wrenching If I Stay.

I did a short reading, and then--happiness of all happinesses--got to sit down in the audience and listen as Gayle read from her book. Even better, she brought musical accompaniment! The main character, Mia, is a cellist, and the book is full of beautifully evoked descriptions of music. It lends itself perfectly to this kind of performance. Below is a pic of the insanely talented Gayle reading.

I must say, I read If I Stay so long ago I had forgotten how very powerful it is in its evocations of grief and choice and ambivalence. As I listened, I once again rediscovered the musical quality of Gayle's language. It was so, so cool. It was like the music was speaking, and the writing was singing! I had goose bumps, my friends, truly.

After the readings, we got to chat with some pretty awesome teens who had attended. This is always my favorite part of events. That's why I'm so smiley in the pics!

If you haven't read If I Stay, you are very silly. But if you read it, you'll be smart! And smart is sexy.

So be sexy and read If I Stay, now out in paperback.


Frankie Diane Mallis said...

I so wish I could have gone, you and Gayle are amazing!

Carla said...

I am so so glad that you had fun and that you got to meet Gayle. I loved If I Stay!!! Those pictures are aces!! get you, you little star <3

Twi-sessed said...

LOVE If I Stay. Aren't they making it into a movie? So cool you met Gayle!

L8BloomerOnline said...

LOVE If I Stay, LOVE Gayle (because she is so cool and has the most intense and emotionally charged reading), and LOVE that you had a chance to read with her!

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