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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I wish you a British Christmas...

...and a Delirious New Year!

I am so, so excited--I received an early xmas gift today of a bunch of beautiful British ARCs of Delirium! Here's a pic. You know how you can tell it's British? Because it's drinking tea, silly!!

Anyway, this means I can give some galleys away. So please respond to this post BY USING THE WORD "DELIRIUM" IN A SENTENCE. Don't forget to include your email address! And you will be entered to win one signed copy of the UK ARC.

Additionally, I will be sending you a nifty bottle of Delirium essential oil from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I'm not sure what you're supposed to do with it but it comes in a cool bottle. See?

(On a side note, the picture above is an excellent example of artistic perspective, and might be used to practice drawing. Look how gigantic my hand looks!)

Please reply by 1/1/11. (OMG--best number ever!) And good luck!



Liz Parker said...

I would be crazy with delirium if I was to win an ARC of this book! :)


kirsty at the overflowing library said...

I am going to go delerious if I don't get my hands on a copy of delerium soon - everything I've heard so far says that it is going to be awesome!!
kirstylouiseconnor (at) hotmail.com

Anna said...

Isn't it wonderful, the perfect delirium. <3

Kristen My Bookish Fairy Tale said...

ohh this is soo awesome I want an ARC so badly ok so my sentence is

"the lack of caffeine and sleep will definitely be a cause of my delirium"


This is great Lauren! Thanks so much!

Kristen H

Pam Harris said...

If I have to go another day without reading this book, I swear I'll enter delirium. :)


Marquita Hockaday said...

So I've finally succumbed to my delirium, I swear I see a book drinking tea on this blog.

*fingers crossed *


alexandra said...

After my darling proposed to me, I was in a state of delirium, unsure whether to take the huge leap into the world of coupledom.


Bwyatt said...

My delirium increased exponetially as the release date for DELIRIUM approached!
;o) So true!


Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Christmas season and subsequent shopping has put me into a state of delirium, which can only be broken by books, books, and more books. No more malls please!


Book Nerds said...

I will be in a state of delirium until after the holidays. Scratch that. Probably for much of 2011.

TweetyB99 AT aol DOT com

Unknown said...

My delirium will surely be cured when I get my hands on your book. :)

Too bad for my family if I don't win, because they'll have to wait for my delirium to end when I buy it! :)

Also, that little bottle is gorgeous!


Misha said...

I fell into a delirium the moment I saw your tweet about the giveaway. I do hope it is International :)


Anonymous said...

The entire world is in a state of delirium, which experts predict will not be cured until Delirirum is released on 02.01.2011.


iffath said...

That picture is totally awesome! Admit it, British ARCs are the best!! Especially when they are drinking tea! Haha :D

"After long days and nights, the book still hadn't arrived and she slipped into a state of delirium.."


Alexa said...

Winter break has left me in a bored state of delirium, so I could really use a great new book to read!


Unknown said...

I've already read the ARC of Delirium (it's great), so I'm not entering the contest, but just wanted to say good luck to all!

Teawench said...

My anticipation is causing quite a delirium.
teawench at gmail dot com

Genesis said...

There is in every madman a misunderstood genius whose idea, shining in his head, frightened people, and for whom delirium was the only solution to the strangulation that life had prepared for him
--easier to check it out in a dictionary

It is as absurd to say that [due to motherhood] all women shall be denied the suffrage, as it would be to deny all men the suffrage, because some are liable, periodically, to inflammatory rheumatism, delirium tremens, or financial failure.

---I like this better


Rhiannon said...

Christmas and it's exhausting activities have put me in a state of Delirium only curable by a British ARC of Delirium, as I require tea as well as a great book to convalesce this season.

happy holidays Lauren!

lady reader said...

As I reach the point of delirium, a perfectly well planned giveaway comes into place. Lovely!
Thanks so much,

lindseybousfield said...

I am in complete Delirium today!

Anonymous said...

The delirium of moving twice in the past four months--all that packing and unpacking--is preventing me from enjoying the holiday season.

hersforthereading AT gmail DOT com

Thanks for the contest! =)

Dani. said...

I will go into complete delirium going another day without this book!

Have a happy new year yourself!

Laura @thereadingnook said...

yayyy i want to read this book sooo bad!!!


Unknown said...

ARC's are my brand of Delirium!

A bottle of Delirium would SURE prove a lot of points in my world...hmmm..



deltay said...

Delirium would be the perfect vice, deliciously, sinfully fun :)


Thanks! Happy holidays :)

Alix said...

The thought that the husband might finally make it back from the snow covered, chaos ridden UK in time for Christmas, has me in fits of delirium :)

How did Delirium make it out, it must have secret super powers, as well as a very cool premise!

Thanks for the contest.
alexabarry(@)notenoughbooksehlves(dot) com

Unknown said...

My delirium will not be cured until I have this book!

Before I Fall is my all time favorite book-I am looking forward to more from Lauren Oliver!


Stephanie Pellegrin said...

It's so hot outside today (85 degrees!!) that I almost went into delirium!

Thanks for the giveaway! :)

moonglo at gmail dot com

Brittany said...

I guess I'll just say that I'm Delirious for Delirium to come out. Thanks for the giveaway. Plus might I just add to Stephanie above me that I would love it to be 85 here. ;)

Scoot said...

I am filled with DELIRIUM over the thought of winning a signed copy of the UK ARC! Amazing! Congrats on recieving your ARCs! So fun. Thanks for sharing. seescootread[at]gmail[dot]com

molly. said...

I had never heard the word Delirium until Lauren Oliver wrote a book titled "Delirium" now I use it all the time. (:

Pam Gonçalves said...

I wonder if it is a Delirium the chance to win an autographed copy of a book from Lauren Oliver.


Julianna Steffens said...

Have to be a dream, or maybe a DELIRIUM, I could not believe when opening my mailbox and saw a copy of DELIRIUM waiting to be devoured read.

juliannasteffens@gmail dot com

Gavin said...

I would kill a mental patient suffering with delirium for the ARC! .. just kidding, that'd be horrible. : )


Brodie said...

"There's a bacterium known as Delirium infecting my brain, inducing hysteria, lysteria, making me a little insane. "

Thank you for the FANTASTIC giveaway! I am dying to read Delirium - every review I see makes me a little more unstable since I don't have my own copy!


Paigeewa said...

"Somedays she just wondered if it was boredom or delirium that led her to reread the same book over and over again for wont of something new."

Your book is also the perfect little English book with it's hot cup of tea!

Anonymous said...

It's like being in delirium knowing how close it is for Delirium to come out! Can't wait!!


Sharli said...

I've heard a lot of people saying they suffered with delirium after reading this awesome book!

I love that it's drinking tea! XD

entrelibros_blog at hotmail.com

Unknown said...

If i have to do anymore christmas shopping i am going to go into a state of delirium!


Emy Shin said...

I will probably enter delirium waiting for DELIRIUM. :)

emywrites [at] gmail [dot] com

Looksie Lovitz said...

I will be in a state if Delirium without this book!

Thanks for the giveaway and that was hilarious with the British ARC drinking tea. :)


Sophie said...

it'll only take me a few minutes to slip into a state of delirium if i don't get this book on the first day it comes out.

lauren, you are awesome! it's so cool how it's drinking tea!


Miss Bookiverse said...

I wanna be in delirium, I need this book!


Jasmine said...

I was entapped in a state of delirium, a jumble of frustration and raw anticipation, when I realised that I'd have to wait fifty days until I could finally be drawn into this book!

50 days is too long!


Minas said...

I need to win this ARC or I will enter the state of delirium.


Kulsuma said...

Thanks for the great giveaway:)

Delirium and I are kindred spirits because I too am British and if I don't drink two cups of tea a day I slip into a state of delirium. ^.^


Unknown said...

I cannot wait to read Delirium because I absolutely loved Before I Fall


Lindsay Cummings author said...

I am using the word Delirium in a sentence.


Precious said...

Waiting until 1/1/11 for the result of this awesome giveaway will cause my delirium!

I don't even know if what I said makes sense. Lol! Thanks you Lauren!


MannaB said...

I am in the state of delirium waiting for this book!


Miss Page-Turner said...

Reading your books is like drowing in a delirium of beautiful words!


Julia @ That Hapa Chick said...

I am crazy with delirium at the thought of winning this book! I Love it to pieces!!! :)

Julia @ That Hapa Chick


Anonymous said...

I'm delirious at the thought of winning Delirium! Thanks for the giveaway :)

readingdate @ gmail . com

Marisa said...

A state of delirium coursed through my veins when I saw that I was the runner up in Lauren Oliver's Delirium contest on Figment.

Thank you so much for that opportunity, by the way. :D


-Marisa :]

Jemi Fraser said...

We'll all be in a state of Delirium waiting to see who wins! :)


Emily said...

I'd be more delirious that my children waiting for Christmas if I won an ARC. Thanks!


Bianca said...

Delirium is the state I'll be in if I won a signed ARC!

infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

Anna Lin said...

As a medical student I've literally seen someone in a real delirium, which is actually a neuropsychiatric syndrome with a whole constellation of signs and symptoms....

but that aside, I'd be delirious with joy if I were to win a signed copy!!!!!!!

I love your blog :)


Niii said...

For a happy new year I need this copy of DELIRIUM. Because, I can enter DELIRIUM before i fall....


Liz. R said...

I was in delirium after realising we'd run out of tea bags. Being snowed in, I couldn't even go out to buy more. Chaos ensued.

I love the fact the UK ARC is drinking tea - I'm British and I can tell you I cannot go a day without drinking tea. It is a drink of magic, I swear ;). Thanks for the contest!


Maxi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I have already read Delirium and LOVED IT (I also passed it on to two friends already and they loved it), but I would love the essential oil and I could do a giveaway of the ARC on my blog!

Seriously, Delirium is probably my favorite YA book since The Hunger Games, and I can definitely see it getting just as popular. I can't wait for it to come out so I can see how much everyone else loves it.

Shirley Shimer said...

I would love to win an ARC of Delirium!! I can't wait for it to come out. I hope your holidays have gone amazingly well and that you've avoided crazy relatives or weird presents!


Sam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam said...

Waiting to hear who has won the ARC of Delirium has put me into a state of Delirium :D


Steph from fangswandsandfairydust.com said...

The delirium from the dengue fever I caught in Malaysia lead me into some strange waking dreams.


Kira said...

I would fall into utter delirium if I could get my jittery hands on a copy of this fantastic book!


Ashley said...

I would be in much delirium if I won.

Fi-chan said...

OMG Delirium essential oil?! What about a delirium perfume, maybe it will make people delirious. Oh that would be so cool!

oh thank you for the chance! :D

feeyonachan at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

I must admit, the sight of this photo left me delirious for more. Now, was it the tea, or the novel ? haha, thank you for the chance to win an ARC!


NeuroHormone said...

Ok. That's the story: I just went flipping the pages of my Anglais/Français Dictionnary and it turned out DELIRIUM is actually a word! I thought you made it up! Haha...feel so silly.
Of course this is a word, it means Délire. Mental and Psychic illness. Makes sense. Suits the plot. (wink*)


Blayne Macauley said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I want a copy of delirium so badly I can't even sleep!!! please please let me win! fingers crossed!

Christinabean said...

I would be in a frenetic state of delirium if I were to win a SIGNED book by my favourite author Lauren Oliver.

clderwee at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

This small town Iowa librarian
is living in a delirium,
next to an aquarium,
but my name isn't Miriam (sorry, it's hard to find words to rhyme with delirum!)

I am eagerly awaiting your next book!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

It's a total "delirium" around the world to read your new book, even in Brazil! So please, Lauren, choose my awnser, cuz I need to cure my deliria with your book - or at least cure this with the exclusive oil essence!


NOOKIE said...

If I win I will be in a state of delirium! :D


Andye said...

Gorgeous cover! And drinking tea....how sophisticated!!

The day that I don't have anyone to answer to, I will find myself in a perpetual state of delirium!

Andye at ReadingTeen.net

Susan said...

After Reading "Before I Fall" and gifting 4 copies to a Youth Group I volunteer for ..It really had a Positive effect on them and are waiting for Delirum.....I am so ready for "Delirium" Lauren since you mentioned it last year.on BN FirstLook...Amazing Your Board is still up,and a few posters still!!!.So,Yes I hope I win..And if Not Then whoever Does..Congrats.!!!!.Susan VT.....periwinkle5184@hotmail.com

Library Gal @Lost in the Library said...

If Love is the cause of Delirium, I'd still want it. Life is nothing without it.

I finished Delirium yesterday (netgalley) and I'm still processing it. All I can say is WOW. It was the same with Before I Fall.I took me a while to recover. Thank you for writing, the world is better because you do,


Anonymous said...

I am in a state of delirium since I heard about this awesome giveaway, fingers are crossed to win, THANKSSS!!

gungorgercek (at) yahoo (dot) com

Anonymous said...

My head will be swimming in Delirium having to wait for each of the sequels to this fabulous book.

Elena said...

My brain is in utter delirium at the thought of winnng that arc!


Lori O. said...

They said it was delirium, but she knew better; the intoxicating combination of words on the page was worth the fever, and the strange looks.

What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.


Sophie said...

When I glimpsed at the clear blue of his eyes, delirium and panic stopped any other thought from getting through.
- - - -

Thank YOU so much for this contest!!

Michelle Santiago said...

Even after they took her home from the hospital, she still had random fits of delirium.

chelleyreads AT gmail DOT com

Paula@Reading Lark said...

My delirium over this contest caused me to send the link to a friend!!


Unknown said...

DELIRIUM, D-E-L-I-R-I-U-M, DELIRIUM. And that's the how I won the fourth grade spelling bee. At first I wasn't sure, but than I asked my teacher to use it in a sentence and she said "the other students will suffer from delirium when they lose the spelling bee to you."


K. Vorhis said...

I was in a near state of delirium today waiting eight hours for my truck to be repaired and wishing that I had a copy of Lauren Oliver's DELIRIUM to help the time pass quickly.



Dayse D. said...

I will buy a Turtle and call it Delirium. It seems to fit.


Anonymous said...

Delirium will surely set in if I have to wait forty-one more days for Lauren Oliver's book, Delirium.


Spav said...

If I could get the book right now, I would be in a state of delirium.


Erika said...

He looked my way, and I swear delirium must have taken over me because everything suddenly seemed bigger and brighter, like a second sun I never knew of suddenly came out after a whole lifetime of hiding.


Unknown said...

When I finished Before I Fall, I must have entered a state of delirium, for I finished the book too soon. I loved the book!


Lale said...

The British version of tea sends me into a, as I'm Turkish and think that putting milk in tea is extremely strange.


Unknown said...

She was in a state of delirium at the thought of owning a copy of the book Delirium by Lauren Kate.


bookaholic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bookaholic said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway!I want to win this so so so much!! I am so desperate to win Delirium!
I tried a little fun rhyme with the word delirium:

Alice was in a state of delirium,
Coz she had consumed too much sodium!
Now she saw the Tiger-lily blossom,
And thought it was a kid possum!

If you cant consider that as an entry,then here's a sentence:
As a consequence of Mrs. Jones' incapability to bear incessant loneliness after the departure of Mr. Jones,she suffers from recurrent bouts of delirium.

Thank you so much,

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