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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The DELIRIUM tour: Euro Remix

Bonjour, my little chou-fleurs!

Greetings from belle Paris, a city I’ve decided really might be my spiritual homeland. Why, you ask? Witness the evidence below. (Okay, I'm aware that one of these pictures is actually a picture of fresh pasta, which I know is Italian…but the point is that the plethora of incredible food, artisanal and local, and the emphasis people place on eating, is very French!)

I’m happily mixing both pleasure and business—pleasure is another French value I can totally get behind—and yesterday I took a trip to Lyons to have my first dedicace au librairie! (FYI, librairie is actually the word for bookstore in French, not library.) I got to meet a bunch of wonderful French readers/fans, and I even struggled through a reading of Before I Fall in French, which has actually not yet been released. One of my lovely fans, Ingrid, filmed this video, in case you’re interested in a. Seeing me babble nonsensically in another language or b. Watching a cross-continental event unfold.

I'll be posting a complete itinerary for my European appearances soon both here and at Deliriously Falling, so make sure to check back soon! (Particularly if you live in Europe and want to come say hi!)


Ingreads. said...

Great post! And thanks for this wonderful afternoon :)

Bethany Neal said...

Ok, now you're just showing off how wonderfully you speak French. ;)

Laurel said...

I hope Spain is one of these places... My friends and I loved the book!

Unknown said...

I see you Friday at Hachette. I just finished Delirium and I want more!

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