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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Updates from France!!!


I've been having a wonderful time in Paris, hobnobbing with fans and various people of literary ilk. On Friday I participated in the enormous Salon du Livre, essentially an enormous conference for various publishing houses and presses. Here I am sitting on a panel about the "Litterature de Jeunes Adultes." Don't I look fancy?? (Everything is fancier in France.)

On Saturday, I flew to Toulouse--a quite lovely city, filled with houses of a gorgeous, dusky rose brick, at the center of which is a gorgeous church and fountain--where I got to meet some of my lovely fans, and even had my visit immortalized in drawing!

I obviously couldn't leave Toulouse without singing "La Petite Sirene" (The Little Mermaid). Don't ask me why. It was necessary, I tell you! Here I am embarrassing myself...

Don't forget to check out my writing tips, posted today on Inkpop.com. And DEFINITELY don't forget to come chat with me there at 2 pm EST! You can post your questions here.

Tomorrow, I head to London to meet bloggers and speak at various schools...and I could not be more excited! I'll be sure to post updates from the road, so please check back this week.



Zachary Grimm said...

Love this, Lauren! So exciting! I can't wait to go on the traveling part of my author journey sometime down the road :) Thank you for helping inspire me to get to that point eventually, with your travelogue! :)

l0raah_ said...
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l0raah_ said...

The little mermaid, la vidéo !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-bZmkWL_EE
Merci BEAUCOUP Lauren pour cette magnifique après-midi <3 C'était génial... et vous avez une très jolie voix ! Je suis aussi ravie d'avoir fait votre connaissance, "enfin" :) A très vite j'espère...

Aurélie said...

Thanks you Lauren.
C'était vraiment une jolie rencontre à Toulouse. Même si c'était que quelques minutes j'ai adoré la petite discussion sur les héroïnes: leur évolution au cours des livres et puis mon petit parallèle avec Uglies de Scott Westerfed.
Merci beaucoup, c'était une très bonne journée.
Revenez dès que possibles sur notre magnifique ville =D.
(J'attends avec impatience le prochaine tome^^)

prettybooks said...

My friend and I will be at the London bloggers event today! We're very excited :)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could beeee part of your world! this rocks.

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