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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Calling All Writers...

I know I've talked about Figment.com, a great new site for writers and readers, and now I'm putting my money (er, time and books) where my mouth is! This week I'll be judging an awesome contest for Figment--you can find all the details here. Winners get copies of my books, and featured spots in Figment's blog and newsletter! PLUS you get entered for the chance to win a Kindle!

What are you waiting for?? Hop to it! Deadline's April 24th so you better get those ideas flowing....

Good luck!



kroana said...

Awasome!!!! I really wish participate!!! I can get in writing in spanish??

Kisses from Venezuela xD

Andrea said...

wow! that's pretty awesome :D
it's good to know english, i don;t know if i would participate, but i'll think about it :)
you have a new follower ;)
Have a nice day!

Ella Preuss said...

Wow, I didn't know those were the prizes! Still, I'm pretty sure I won't be eligible to win them, being from Arg.
I did write an entry, though! I found the link to the contest on a newsletter, got an idea, and wrote it up.

Anonymous said...

I came up with a really good idea for it... I just finished typing out the synopsis on word and I really like it. Its 575 words, and that's my only problem-- the entry itself is only supposed to be 750! Oh no! (*Hysterical sobbing*)

Lynsey Newton said...

This really wasn't a good time to be away from the internet. Had I known, I would have entered :(

Lynsey Newton said...

OK, so I wrote something last night and still entered. HOORAH!

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