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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Lauren Oliver Tour: From Dystopian to Love Story?

It was love at first sight. It was like emerging from a dark, dismal winter into a world of color and light…which is, in fact, not exactly an analogy, since Lauren HAD just emerged from the dark, dismal winter days of New York/Chicago/Houston during an uncharacteristically violent winter storm weather pattern, and into the bright beaming sunshine of Austin, Texas.

Their romance was to be a whirlwind, and they both knew it. They had just twenty-four hours to enjoy each other, before Lauren would be swept back by work and other obligations to Cleveland, OH, back to the uniform gray landscape that had become her waking days…(at least until spring thaw). And they were determined to enjoy the short time they had together.

There was lunch, and drinks in the sun on a rooftop.

There was a visit to a dime museum (which, due to the influence of inflation since the 1800s, is now five dollars—but which still features fiji mermaids and fossilized evidence of fairies).

There was an impromptu stop in a tattoo parlor (Note, KIDS: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME).

There was strolling and singing along to country music and lastly, sake and foie gras sushi and pork belly fried and drizzled with orange zest and basil… (Don’t worry, Harper! I didn’t expense it.) There was also pretending to be on honeymoon with her friend, which Lauren subsequently felt bad about, since it resulted in a free dessert. (NOT so bad, however, that she did not eat aforementioned dessert, which was delicious.)

And today, today, she and the city would enjoy their last hours together at Book People, at 2 pm…

How do I love thee, Austin?
Let me count the ways…

P.S. Come see me at Book People, Texans!!


Briana said...

Haha! Glad you're loving Austin! And I will so be there today. :)

I Read Banned Books said...

I'll be there along with lots of other Literary Lonestars!

PS, I think you were eating at the Iron Cactus downtown...yummo!


Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Have fun in Texas! Enjoy that warm weather (though I thought it had snowed in TX) while you can.

And just because I'm curious, did you get a tattoo? Or was it this non-honeymooning friend?

Ella Press said...

Loved this! Sounds like you're having fun!


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