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Monday, March 28, 2011

Le Havre, A Recap!

I have something very exciting to share: the gorgeous French cover of Before I Fall!

(My favorite part? The wraparound "belt" that proclaims the book an international bestseller!) Interestingly, France released Delirium in February, but Before I Fall doesn't come out until April 6th. (Pour les Parisiens, j'espere vous voir a la fete pour le lancer au Virgin du Champs Elysee!)

Isn't it lovely? I'm happy with the title change, too, which translates into: THE LAST DAY OF MY LIFE. That would have been too literal a title in America, I think, but Before I Fall, once translated to French, sounds kind of clunky and awkward and doesn't connote as many symbolic meanings.

On the subject of showing the french some love, I had a charming visit to Le Havre on Saturday. Before my event, I managed to sneak in some writing in the park (I'm working on Requiem), which was followed by a lovely story hour and some conversation with my french fans, who were very understanding of the fact that I was still under the weather.

Today I am off to take a two-day spin through the BOLOGNA BOOK FAIR!! And the international tour continues...


SweetSwan said...

Wooo! Sound excellent! Congrats!

Miss Bookiverse said...

Hey Lauren,
could you tell me where I can find your tour dates? Will you be in Germany, too? That would be awesome.

Katie Mills said...

I noticed that Delirium was everywhere at the FNAC (I live outside paris) and thought it was weird how it came out before 'Before I Fall'. I had no idea you were coming to Paris! I'll see if I can make it!

Tamara said...

je veux lire Le dernier jour de ma vie maintenant ! J'ai demandé à la maison d'édition hachette pour avoir un exemplaire dédicacé car je ne vais pas pouvoir venir mercredi prochain j'ai école c'est vraiment dommage j'aurais aimé vous rencontré. Ce n'est pas possible pour l'exemplaire donc je devrais le commander en librairie et je ne l'aurais qu'une semaine après... combien de page fait-il? c'est écrit 456 sur le site LA mais je pense qu'ils se sont trompé, il me semble plus épais que Delirium.

LindsayWrites said...

living the dream! so happy for you!! =]

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