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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I get so many e-mails that begin with people saying “I'm embarrassed to ask this...” or “this is probably stupid but...”. This is unfortunate for two reasons. 1) There's no such thing as a stupid question! (Unless the question is: "Do I look fat?" Stop worrying so much about how you look! And stop seeking external validation!) and 2) So many of my readers who pose “embarrassing” questions are, in fact, in very good company. 
In an attempt to end the embarrassment, here are some questions I get asked all the time, and some answers to go with them!

 I'm glad that you're all as excited about the movie as I am! It's especially gratifying to know how many of you identify so strongly with Lena's character. It's comforting to know there's so many smart, thoughtful, loving--and, of course, butt-kicking--girls out there! Unfortunately, I have very little input into the process of casting; in fact, the casting decisions lie with the producers and the studio. I encourage all of you burgeoning actresses to direct your passion to local plays/productions and open auditions...and, of course, if you're down to write and star in your own version of Delirium, I'm all about it!

Requiem is finished, but it needs to be edited, designed, shipped, etc. It usually takes about a year from the time a book leaves my computer to the time it hits shelves! So please be patient. It’s worth the wait, I promise! :)

You guys know I'm not going to give anything away, right? That would spoil all the fun! All I will say is that unlike the first two books in the trilogy, Requiem is told from the point of view of two different characters. Other then that, you're gonna have to trust me that there's a lot of fun surprises, and the return of some characters that we haven't seen since Delirium!

Not because they're paying me to - not that I'm complaining. :) I have to write. I have a very deep and compelling desire to write that I can't really turn off, so I'm very lucky and grateful that my life has turned out the way it has. Otherwise I'd probably be a failed back-up dancer and/or a very disgruntled waitress.

Anything you're still dying to know? Email me at laurenoliverbooks@gmail.com and put FAQ in the subject line, and I'll do a Part II soon!


Cliona said...

Thanks for these! This is just a theory, but I THINK that *SPOILER* either Julian and Alex, or Alex and Lena will narrate the book! It would certainly be interesting anyway1

Sallie Mazzur said...

I definitely agree with that feeling of needing to write and just putting stuff on the page. It's really theraputic and helpful to get rid of stress. If you're good at writing, it also helps bring in income! :)

Nikki Wang said...

I am definitely Team Alex and I wanna strangle Julian. SO MUCH.

messgirl said...

Am I the only one in the world who likes Julian even remotely????

One Sweet Shannon said...

How do you pronounce Hana? It is pronounced differently in the audio versions of Delirium and Pandemonium. Which is right? It's driving me crazy.

Jay said...

Thank you Miss Oliver for the information, I was not aware that it took so long. I will try to be more patient now that I understand the situation.

OK, so Oh my goodness!!!! I LOVED Delirium, and although Pandemonium started out slow, I could not put it down after the 100th page or so. I loved the ending! Who could have seen that coming? I thought Alex was gone for good since Lauren said it was supposed to be a Romeo and Juliet type of story. I was infected by both Alex and Julian. But Lena said she possibly feels more comfortable with Julian than she did with Alex... I'm not sure if she said she liked him more, though?
Hahaha wouldn't it be funny if it ended like Breaking Dawn where either Alex or Julian hooks up with Grace? XD and so everyone's happy.
In any case, I cannot wait until Requiem hits the shelves!
I think it would be from the viewpoints of Alex and Lena's mother :D

JULLA said...

Hello there Lauren! I'm so excited for Requiem. (Y) And Seriously?(SPOILER) I think I'm the only one who loves JULIAN AND ALEX fairly. I mean, Alex and Julian mean to me a lot and if I'm on Lena's position, I can't choose between them. But anyway, SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR REQUIEM. By the way, What happened to Grace? Oh, she's a sweetheart. :)

Hailyn Michaelson said...

Hi Lauren!

I was wondering if you know whether or not the studio will be holding open auditions for the show. I'm 13 (but I can play younger... as a matter of fact I don't even look 13 (which is really annoying sometimes ;)) but I am still interested in auditioning.

I am also an author, so I'm also wondering how you were motivated enough to publish your book and why you chose who you chose.

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