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Sunday, January 30, 2011



Thank you everyone who entered my giveaway contest! You are all lovely and make me feel as happy and warm as the inside of a buttered scone! (Can you tell it is dinner time in NYC??)

It took me FOR-EVER to tally the entries and draw the winners, but here, at last, they are--

1. Lexie of the Bookbug!

2. Julia at That Hapa Chick

3. Maroon Wombat! (love the moniker)

4. Julie of LilieBook (from all the way in France!)

5. Tammy at mysticloverblogspot

I'll be emailing the winners soon to collect addresses.

And for the rest of you lovelies who entered and didn't win...don't be sad! DELIRIUM hits shelves in less than 48 hours, and you can pick up a bright and shiny new copy then!

Friday, January 28, 2011

YA? Y Not!

Show me some tri-state lovin'! If you're in the 'hood (or semi in the 'hood--that means you, Connecticut!!) why don't you come out tonight and SEE ME READ FROM DELIRIUM? Additionally, you can check out kick-ass YA authors Leila Sales (Mostly Good Girls) and Anna Jarzab (All Unquiet Things). We'll all be throwing down at Word Bookstore in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and WE WANT YOU TO JOIN US!

I promise there's no better way to spend a cold and snowy evening! Details here.

See you tonight!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a copy of DELIRIUM! Check out the details here. I'll be closing the contest on Friday, since it will take me a little while to tally points and select a winner!

And don't forget to stop by A Good Addiction today and meet Alex! (Trust me, you'll want to.)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DELIRIUM--The Official Blog Tour!

Want to explore the world of Delirium?

Want to get to know Hana, Alex, and Lena?

Want to possibly win a copy of the book??

I thought so!

Get involved, people--the official blog tour is here! (Actually, technically it began yesterday--but better late than never!)

Get a taste of the world of Delirium here, then be sure to check out the next stops on the tour!

Tuesday (today!): Books Complete Me - Delirium Excerpt
Wednesday: A Good Addiction - Meet Alex
Thursday: Mundie Moms - Meet Hana
Friday: Page Turners Blog - Meet Lena

It's like an appetizer for the mind, people!! And who doesn't like appetizers??

Monday, January 24, 2011

One More Week Until DELIRIUM!! (And Writing Challenge...)

Alright, lovelies, you know what today is.

That's right: Today marks the one-week countdown to DELIRIUM's release! Yayyyy!

In honor of the imminent explosion (er, hopefully) of DELIRIUM into a bookstore near you, I am doing a one-week-countdown themed writing challenge. It has been too long since I've solicited evidence of your brilliance and creativity! I want to see some submissions in my inbox, people!

The writing challenge this week is simple. Complete the following first sentence with a 200-250 word submission:

Seven days. She couldn't believe it. Only seven days to go.

That's it! You should be off and running. You should establish, of course, the identity of your protagonist and what she is waiting for. Is it something she is dreading? Looking forward to? etc.

Send your submissions to laurenoliverbooks@gmail.com. As always, I'll post the evidence of your creative genius on my blog!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

9 More Days Until DELIRIUM Hits Shelves...

...Do you know where your copy is???

Well, if you don't, go ahead and preorder it already! What on earth are you waiting for? Hop on Amazon or the website of one of your favorite indies, or drop by the local bookstore and tell your friendly bookseller that you want to catch DELIRIUM, stat.

And when you do, don't forget to send proof-of-purchase to Ella at Deliriously Falling, so you can be entered in her preorder contest (details here) for the chance to win great swag.

Come on, guys! Make me this happy:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blogger Lovefest

Yesterday, Carla of The Crooked Shelf posted her review of Delirium and along with it...a poem. Did I giggle? Check. Did I get teary? You betcha.

I can't possibly do justice to the generosity of Carla's review or the sweetness of her poem, so you will have to click this link and just experience it for yourself.

I feel so, so lucky to have readers who are so kind, and giving, and creative, and scrumptiously lovely in every way. I'm actually going to meet Carla in London in March, and you can bet I will be expressing my gratitude to her in the form of hugs and chocolates!

I also feel lucky to live and write at a time when it is so easy for authors to connect with fans and readers. Let's hear it for the blogosphere!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Talk to Me, Baby!!! Feature Chat TONIGHT!

Want to know what my process is when I write? How I came up with the character of Samantha Kingston? Why I chose to go dystopian in DELIRIUM? What color socks I'm wearing?? (Maybe I'm not wearing any socks...ooh la la!)

Then join the fun tonight on Fallen Archangel , where at 9 pm EST I'll be participating in a live chat with the lovely Mss. Jenn and Rebecca...and hopefully with YOU!

Hope to chat with you there, people!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Break Out Your Calendars...It's Tour Date Time!

I'm hitting the road in early February and I JUST MAY BE coming to a town near you! And if so...I want to meet you! Hitch, bum, or beg a ride, steal your mom's car, "borrow" your neighbor's golf cart...I don't want to hear any excuses about being wheel-less, gas-less, busy, "working," or otherwise engaged!***

I'm geared up and ready, people--and I hope you are to!

2/1 - Anderson's in Naperville, IL, 7 pm
2/2 - Bookstall in Winetka, IL, time TBD
2/3 - Blue Willow in Houston, TX, 7 pm
2/4 - TBD!
2/5 - TBD!
2/6 - BookPeople in Austin, TX, 2 pm
2/7 - Cover to Cover in Columbus, OH, 7 pm
2/8 - Books&Co in Dayton, OH, 7pm
2/9 - Borders in Westbury, NY, 7pm
2/10 - Bookmark in Brooklyn, NY, time TBD

Bring friends, pets, chocolate, questions, cameras...you get the idea! See you soon, my pets!

***Please don't actually do anything illegal in order to come see me. It will be hard for us to email and stay in touch when you're in jail!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Love Down Under

...and not *that* kind of down under, either! Sheesh. Get your mind out of the gutter!

Yesterday I received the FABULOUS NEWS that Before I Fall was a bestseller in Australia last week...#7, to be exact! Needless to say, I am utterly thrilled, and to celebrate I ran out to my favorite Australian coffee shop, DUB pies (DUB stands for Down Under Bakery, and actually, it is my favorite coffee shop, period--it is even in the acknowledgments of BEFORE I FALL!) and picked up some yummy Australian delicacies--namely, an Anzac cookie and a delicious flat white coffee!

Thank you, mates--for making BIF an international bestseller!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

19 Days and Counting...To Go Delirious for DELIRIUM!

Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean there's no longer a reason to celebrate...because DELIRIUM publishes in just 19 days!! But never fear...there's still plenty of time--and plenty of ways--to get in on the fun.

NYCers--don't forget to mark your calendars for January 28th, when I'll be joining fab fellow YA authors Anna Jarzab (All Unquiet Things) and Leila Sales (Mostly Good Girls) for a reading at Word bookstore in Brooklyn. (Details here.)

Not a New Yorker? Don't worry--that's what the internet is for!

Follow me on the official DELIRIUM blog tour, whick kicks off at Books Complete Me (check out the schedule of events here.)

Watch the hilarious Delirium-themed video made by the lovely ladies of Girls in the Stacks, here.

Read a recent review:
Shelf Awareness...

...or scope out this interview...and find out why I might bite you on the nose!


--The Book Thong Bonanza
--The Preorder Party

Monday, January 10, 2011

DELIRIUM has just one question for you...

Check it out, here.

Don't you want me, baby? If the answer is yes, then you are in luck--because as the countdown to Feb 1 begins, I am giving away five signed finished copies of Delirium!

In addition, each of the lucky winners will receive a gorgeous book thong, courtesy of my friend Briana of The Book Pixie. How gorgeous are they?? (And how convincing is my Vanna White face?)

Here's how you enter:
+ 1 if you comment back.
+ 2 for a tweet
+ 3 for a whole honkin' blog post.

And don't forget about another HUGE Delirium-themed contest happening now at Deliriously Falling. It's a preorder contest, so it means forking over some cash--but trust me, it will be so worth it!!

Both contests run through the end of the month. So what are you waiting for? Start tweeting/blogging away!

Friday, January 7, 2011

DELIRIUM gets naughty...

Here are some not-so-great things about my week:

1. I am sick (again!) with a fever!
2. It is snowing--which would be nice if I weren't sick. (See #1).
3. My boyfriend's out of town, and there is nobody to make me soup!

Here is a WONDERFUL thing about my week:


It is so beautiful, y'all. And guess what? It likes to get frisky! That's right, Delirium loves showing off what's underneath its dust jacket...

You know what I'm talking about.

Don't believe me? See for yourself as it puts on a strip tease for your very own viewing pleasure!

Modest view....

Take it off!

Awww yeah...

Hot, right?? There's nothing like body confidence!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Winner! And a Goodreads Choice Award!

Well, none of you guessed my deepest, darkest secret:
I'm secretly a math nerd!**
Twenty-seven is my favorite number because it's 3 cubed--that's 3 threes! Perfection.

HOWEVER, there were several people who guessed, correctly, that 27 was also my age when Before I Fall was published. Well done! The first commentator to have guessed it was:


...who will now win a signed DELIRIUM ARC, if she will email me at laurenoliverbooks@gmail.com and tell me how to find her!!

To put to rest some of the speculative rumors that were flying:
1. My book was not rejected by 27 publishers! (Only by a couple--thank goodness!)
2. I am not married!
3. I do not have kids!

A separate and unrelated piece of news:

Did you know that Before I Fall was chosen as the Goodreads best YA book of 2010?? Look here! I can prove it!

How exciting is that??

**Did you know that the very first tattoo I ever got was the symbol for pi? It's true!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Countdown Correction!

This is a short post to point out that the DELIRIUM countdown widget has now been corrected! Thanks goodness! Yesterday it said that there were 39 days until DELIRIUM'S release but I have great news: THAT WAS A BIG FAT LIE.

In fact, you only have to wait 27 days until DELIRIUM hits a bookshelf near you!! Woot woot!

But for one of you, the wait will be even shorter...the first person to reply to this post and guess why 27 is my favorite number will win a copy of the UK ARC of DELIRIUM!!

Spread the word, and make your guess!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Big DELIRIUM Preorder contest and Figment News!

Hey all--

The countdown to DELIRIUM is ON--check out the kick-off preorder contest on Deliriously Falling, my very own fan blog!!

Are you wondering what the extra special prizes from me will be?? Well, then, WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON, because SO AM I!!

No, but seriously, it will be a great prize pack, and is certain to include:
1. A book thong made by my friend, the lovely Briana of Book Pixie. It's a beautiful jeweled piece of underwear for your book! Just kidding. It's a beautiful jeweled bookmark for your book, but with a cooler name.
2. Some other cool books I've enjoyed reading, and you might enjoy reading too!
3. A t-shirt that says "Lauren Oliver loves me."

You know you want to preorder the book anyway, so you might as well enter for a chance to win!!!!

The second piece of cool news is this piece about my writing process, which is up on Figment right now! Haven't checked out figment yet?? Then what are you waiting for! STOP READING THIS AND GO THERE NOW. :P


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winners of the UK/ARC DELIRIUM--Announced!

Hello lovelies!

I hope 2011 is treating you all well so far. I know it will be off to a good start for
bloggers jackthegiraffe and Lindsay...they are the winners of a signed copy of the UK ARC of DELIRIUM, and will also be receiving nifty "Delirium" essential oil for good measure!

For your own edification/curiosity, here were their sentences:

From jackthegiraffe:

As a medical student I've literally seen someone in a real delirium, which is actually a neuropsychiatric syndrome with a whole constellation of signs and symptoms....But that aside, I'd be delirious with joy if I were to win a signed copy!!!!!!!

And from Lindsay:

DELIRIUM, D-E-L-I-R-I-U-M, DELIRIUM. And that's the how I won the fourth grade spelling bee. At first I wasn't sure, but than I asked my teacher to use it in a sentence and she said "the other students will suffer from delirium when they lose the spelling bee to you."

Thanks to everyone who entered, and for your creative (and in many cases very flattering) uses of the words Delirium/Delirious! Kudos to Bookaholic especially for her poem. You are all creative and kind and that's why I love you!


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