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Friday, June 26, 2009

Things I am liking/not liking this week...

Things I am liking:

1. Hotel Griffou
2. All day writing/reading sessions at Epistrophy
3. My agent and sometimes-socialite
4. The word "tweets"
5. Hot med students
6. 10 Downing Street
7. Random encounters with people from my past
8. Day trips to the pool or beach
9. Girl bonding time
10. Hot med students (yes, I know I said that before. It bears repeating.)

Things I am NOT liking:
1. Rain
2. Finding out I will soon be homeless
3. Summer colds

Saturday, June 20, 2009


On Friday I received a package from a nice, unsuspecting UPS delivery man. I say "nice" and "unsuspecting" because 1) he could not possibly have suspected that I would transform into a shrieking, shouting, squealing mess as soon as he had dutifully delivered the package safely into my hands, and 2) he was nice about it...not terrified, like I would have been upon witnessing the transformation of a grown woman into an indecipherable and uncontrollable mass of excitement, somewhat akin to a 12-year-old attending her first Jonas brothers concert.

Point is: I got ARC's!

The galley is so, so beautiful. And it is just an indescribable joy to hold the book in my hands. I am still in awe of the whole thing, actually. It feels a bit surreal. Occasionally I will pounce on the book from afar and snap it open really quickly, convinced that if I somehow take the thing by surprise, it will reveal itself to be full of blank pages, or full of pages that other people wrote.

Miracle of miracles, so far I have not managed to catch the book with anything other than pages and pages of my very own writing inside of it. It is, perhaps, sneakier than I first believed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Best Vampire Movie EVER

Sorry, Twilight fans...

While on the North Fork of Long Island with my dad and sister, trying desperately to put Book # 2 to rest, I watched a Swedish vampire movie called "Let The Right One In." It's not really a horror film, per se, although parts of it are fairly horrifying. But mostly it's just beautiful and sad and evocative and deeply, deeply romantic. The two protagonist's love for one another makes Bella and Edward's affair look like a sad, puppy-dog crush. Granted, the main characters are much younger than the now-omnipresent B & E: Oskar, a lonely and bullied 12-year-old, and Eli, the strange, bewitching girl who moves in to the apartment next to his and only comes out at night.

I want my own vampire protectress! (Or protector.) They should sell some on ebay.

Now I'm dying to read the book, which was apparently a huge bestseller in Sweden.

What I also particularly loved about this movie was that, interspersed between scenes of incredible violence and gore, were the usual foreign artsy-type scenes in which people smoke and drink and look meaningfully at one another in silence, while some John Cage-esque type music plays in the background.

Rent it, watch it, love it. Rejoice in the beauty and auditory strangeness of the Swedish language.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Martha's Vineyard

Day # 3 in Martha's Vineyard (and, incidentally, Day # 3 sans the evil of cigarettes)....

My sister has accused me of maintaining the World's Most Boring Blog--which, as anybody who has ever perused the internet should know--is a fairly aggressive claim, so I'll keep this short. Beautiful bike paths + spacious rental house + lots of books and card games and writing time = heaven. 

In other words, so far so good. 

At some point will blog about my BEA experiences last week (my first BEA ever!), but for now am back to writing/reading/reveling in vacation-y goodness...and plotting the various flavors of ice cream I am planning to put down in the next two hours.

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