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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's My Very First Time...

...In Publisher's Weekly!

The lovely Suzanne Young (whose book is also featured in PW's recent Spring 2010 Sneak-Peak line-up) pointed out to me yesterday that BEFORE I FALL also made the list. I'm so technologically inept I'm not even sure how to post a link in this blog, but I'll go ahead and try.


That probably didn't work but hey...I'm a writer, not a programmer. :)

The point IS, being featured along with so many amazing books--including Suzanne's forthcoming THE NAUGHTY LIST, which I'd actually acquired before leaving my job at Penguin, making the whole thing sweeter (or more incestuous, depending on how cynical you are), and Carolyn Mackler's new book, TANGLED (speaking of tangled, ready for more bizarre YA convolution? Carolyn recently gave an incredible blurb to BEFORE I FALL!)--is thrilling, surreal, bizarre...and totally gratifying.

So yes. I am a PW virgin no longer. Hurrah!

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Suzanne Young said...

YAY! And honestly, your book is first on my MUST HAVE list! Is it available for preorder? Link to it on the side! So we can all BUY IT! :-)

Congrats! You're gonna be huge! (and then hire assistants to put up links for you)

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