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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Endings, Musings, First Review

So, for some reason google alerts dug up a very old review of my book--the first, I think, of its kind:

(And by the way...Is everyone impressed I figured out how to post in a link? You should be!).

I think it's extremely interesting/fortuitous/bizarre that this review just popped up on my radar today, because it makes particular reference to the ending of BEFORE I FALL, and endings--of one kind or another--have certainly been today's general theme. I am grateful for the five-star rating, of course, and for Irish's kind words about my characters' voice and the writing style in general. I have to say, though, for the record...as today proved to me yet again, endings are very often not happy...and just because an ending was unanticipated doesn't mean that it also wasn't, in some sense, inevitable.

Those are my Deep Thoughts for the day, anyway...


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