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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shameless Self-Promotion? You Betcha.

So, Lenore of presentinglenore.blogspot.com-- a powerhouse blogger if there ever was one-- read my book last week, and it's not an exaggeration to say I was on pins and needles the whole time. (Suffice it to say, my twitter kept tapping out because I was refreshing it so often to see whether she would drop any hints about her reaction.) I knew she'd been anticipating the read, and having obsessively stalked her blog for the last few months, I knew that I really valued her opinion and would be forced (good or bad!) to respect what she had to say about Before I Fall. Fortunately, she had very good things to say. :) Check out her pre-review review, here:

There's no other way to say this: I'm over the frigging moon. And very, very relieved.

Off to eat a scone to celebrate.


Lenore Appelhans said...

The permalink is better, Lauren. That way, people can still find it when it is no longer the first post:


I love to hear that you obsessively stalk my blog - I'm over the frigging moon ;)

Unknown said...

It was a great review. Glad to hear that you are pleased/relieved. I bet waiting on reviews can be very stressful.

Lauren said...

This pre-review is utterly tantalizing. March is too far away.

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