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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Location, Location, Location

So...my book has begun its journey, both across the United States and to foreign lands.

One copy is currently in Washington with Sarah, who very kindly assured me that my book was keeping very good company by photographing it hobnobbing with some Tenner books (that's the UK galley cover, in case you are wondering--my book is in the middle).

On the other side of the ocean, Jenny informed me that my book arrived dusty, tired, and craving a hot shower and a cold beer on her doorstep in England.

Annnnd...she's off!


Carla said...

YAY, I seen Jenny last week and she said the book had arrived, we met up for the Audrey Niffenegger signing. I cant wait to read this book and and very glad its on UK shores :-)

barnsdale11 said...

If it is already in the UK shores... It won't be long until it travels to Spanish shores, I suppose. You can tell it not to worry, it will have great company too :)

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