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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bartulo and Boozing and Books, oh my!

My lovely publicist Elyse Marshall organized a wonderful dinner--filled with copious amounts of starch, chocolate, and red wine (call it, "The Lauren Diet")--on Tuesday night, to give me the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful sales reps and booksellers who have been supporters of my book. Thanks, Elyse!

My wonderful editor, Rosemary Brosnan, got giggly with sales rep Fran Olsen:

Sales rep Jenny Sheridan and I talked tea, while I had the opportunity to welcome amazon rep Deb Murphy back to NYC after a nine-year sojourn in Pasadena, CA. (She arrived just in time for the frigid temperatures, and she still hasn't fled back to California!)

I had the chance to meet Mary and Bob Brown, of the wonderful New Jersey-based bookstore called Books, Bytes, and Beyond. Here is a picture of all of us (minus Elyse, the shutterbug) enjoying ourselves at dinner:

Afterwards, Elyse and I took an ESCALADE back to Brooklyn. It was like starring in a rap video, minus the bottles of champagne, hard-core bling, and scantily clad women in bikinis. But it was still awesome. That's how we do, y'all. That's how we do.


Alley Of Books said...

Hahah! Elyse is awesome!
So are you Ms. ...! (Still need to come up with a nickname!)

-Ms. Thing. :)

Carla said...

Looks like you had such a fun time!!! :-)

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