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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, Lemon Cream Cake, and Most Importantly, BOOK CLUBS!

Well, HELLO, my pretties...

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Sunday. I did...it was sunny and gorgeous in New York, and full of delicious food and, of course, chocolate. I got to see my mom (in fact, I am sitting in her apartment THIS VERY SECOND) and old family friends, and I also got to eat lemon cream cake. Yum yum.

But that is NOT why I am posting this evening. I am posting this evening to talk about book clubs. Are you in a book club? Do you like to talk about books with your friends? Tell me--I'm curious!

You know I'm all about supporting literacy, peeps (thus my favorite READING IS SEXY t-shirt--pics to come soon), so I'm thinking of turning this into a kind of contest...send me pics of you and your book club, and I'll send one lucky clubber something fabulous. (Spoiler: it will no doubt be a signed copy of BEFORE I FALL, although who knows...maybe it will be something extra-special, like a signed copy of BEFORE I FALL plus a sneak-peak at my second book, DELIRIUM, plus a Hershey's Kiss or two, for good luck). What do you guys think of this idea?

Seriously. I'm asking!

And while you're mulling it over, please accept this basket full of happiness as a token of my appreciation...
Happy easter, all!


RaĆ­la said...

Aw, happy easter, Lauren!

Actually, I am not in a book club, but there is a yearly (I think) book club meeting at my English course. I never went to this, though. I was even thinking about promoting some great YA books there, if it happens this year. Why don't I introduce BEFORE I FALL to them, huh? Now that I have a copy, it will be even better. I am also soooooo excited to see what comes next from you on DELIRIUM! Have a great week! :)

Unknown said...

That sounds AMAZING! : D

Suzanne Young said...

Oh, snap! I'm going to start a book club today! And I can't wait to see that T-shirt!

lisa and laura said...

We are reading BEFORE I FALL with our YA book club and the meeting is in a week. We will definitely send you a picture. It's actually kind of amazing, the girls are 11-years-old and were DYING to read your book after watching the book trailer. So we e-mailed all the parents and asked if they'd be ok with it. The moms were THRILLED. They said they loved the idea of their daughters having the chance to discuss some of these issues in a safe environment. We can't wait for the meeting!

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's a fantastic idea. Makes me wish I was in a book club. Stupid Uni classes taking up so much time... :(

Thanks for the basket of Easter happiness, also. Especially nice since I was the only person in my family not able to be home for Easter this year. That darn Uni again.

Happy Easter to everyone!

Lenore Appelhans said...

I'm in a book club, and I am really enjoying it. We do it so that the hostess of the month gets to pick the book we read. We've had a lot of variety, which is great. And yes, I talk endlessly about books - to anyone who will listen.

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, I cannot take a picture of most of the members of the book club. I know that sounds weird. But that's where I'm at.

lanna-lovely said...

I'm not in a book club, I'm not friends with a lot of readers - but I do tend to pimp out the books I love like there's no tomorrow, my sisters treat me like a library (and my best friend currently has 7 of my favourite books to read).

I'd love to be a member of a book club, I just don't really know of any or anyone to start one with... I guess that's kind of why the internet is so awesome.

I started up a book review blog over a year ago with some online friends and I talk about books with other online friends that I've made over the years (which is fun, when one of us reads a good book we recommend it then discuss it when we've all read it, not quite a book club but close) - it's easy to find people with that common interest online.

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