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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Writing Challenge--Scary Halloween Edition!

Time for an extra-special, last-minute, oh-so-scary Halloween edition of the Lauren Oliver Blogspot WRITING CHALLENGE!

This writing challenge is inspired by the fact that I recently moved into a brand-new apartment, which is spacious and cozy and beautiful in every way...except that literally in the past two months every single appliance has broken and required replacement. My friend and I have decided that the previous owners must have had some traumatizing early life experiences involving all things electric, and so been engaged in a kind of constant warfare with the microwave, oven, washer/dryer, and refrigerator.

In other words: the previous owners were obviously terrified of these appliances, and trying to beat them into submission.

So your Halloween writing challenge is this: write a submission of no more than 400 words (longer than usual) in which you describe an encounter with an evil/possessed/sentient appliance! A vampire refrigerator! A cannibalistic oven! A poison-spewing microwave! A TV with aspirations to world domination!

Submit to me at laurenoliverbooks@gmail.com and I will, as always, post submissions on the blog. Also, one person who submits will get a scary book of my choosing! (It will probably be The Replacement, by Brenna Yovanoff, as I love that book and it is SUPER SCARY.)

Now go forth and write! (And stay away from that refrigerator....)


Chandni S said...

Spirit Halloween store locator, Spirithalloween.com

Elena said...

I was going to make Frankenfridge evil, but I ran out of room. So now its up to you to decide whether or not Frankenfridge is good or bad :)

"I was bored, so as usual I decided to go get something to eat.
I’d always had a bad habit of eating when I was bored. Today it was an especially bad choice.
When I was just about to pull on the fridge handles to open the old piece of crap, I heard a soft laugh. It was barely audible, but it was there, sounding amused and delighted.
I looked around the kitchen, searching for the source of the noise.
“Who’s there?” I asked, hesitating and spinning around.
“Oh, you heard me!”replied a deep voice coming from nowhere.
“W-Where are you? Who is this?!” Turning around in circles, I saw a slight movement on the fridge. The cheap magnets covering the fridge had aligned themselves to resemble what looked like a smiling face.
I screamed so loud my own ears rang. “What the?!”
“Oh dear, don’t be scared, I know you were coming here to eat. Open me up and you will find something very nice in store” The magnets winked.
Whatever the hell was wrong with my refrigerator, I was absolutely sure it was not supposed to be talking to me. I was seriously going crazy. Either that or I was dreaming. I pinched myself hard, wondering if dreams really work that way. Nothing happened, so I decided if I wasn’t dreaming, I probably was crazy, and might as well embrace it. There was no way this was real, so might as well have fun with it.
“What are you?” I asked with more confidence. I knew I was crazy but that was slightly okay with me.
“I’ll be truthful and tell you,” the fridge said, smiling, “I’m a zombie. A zombie fridge. Probably the first of my kind. Wasn’t until recently that I woke up. But seriously, I am not trying to eat your brains or anything. That is just a cruel stereotype.”
“Huh, okay,” I said, actually curious, yet not scared, “What’ your name, zombie fridge?”
“Good question, I don’t know.”
“Alright, you can be….” I tried to think of a name appropriate for a zombie fridge, ”Frankenfridge!” I exclaimed. “It couldn’t be more fitting!”
“Hooray!” The jubilated fridge cheered, flashing open its doors.
I could feel an awesome friendship coming on.
It’s a good thing I was crazy, cause no one in their right name would be friends with a Frankenfridge
The end :)"

Elena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rebecca said...

I heart you both! Amazing interview.

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