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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Konichiwa! ( I hope.)

Hi my pretties...

Sorry it has been so long since I've posted. My birthday week (yes, week) was absolute madness, and yesterday I left New York for a marathon travel itinerary to...Tokyo!

So how is Tokyo, you might be wondering?

Well, I AM STILL WONDERING TOO!! So far I have gotten no closer to Japan. In fact, I've actually gotten farther. We were grounded in Buffalo due to fog, then stranded in Toronto overnight, and now have gone West to Vancouver, where we are allegedly (finally!) supposed to depart in a few hours. But to be honest, I'm not convinced.

I'm telling you, friends, dystopian might be a trend in literature and a frightening vision of the future, but it's a theme that is alive and well at Air Canada kiosks and airports across this fair nation of ours...and across Canada, too.

Here's an image of me after 24 + hours of travel, 1 lost (and thankfully found) bag, sadistic airline employees, and apathetic american express people have aged me approximately 18 years. (Incidentally, I just felt the background was thematically appropriate.) But happily, my sense of humor and my optimism remain untouched. They may take our lives (or, um, original itineraries), but they will never take our freedom!!

Onward, and (hopefully) upward...send me good thoughts of winging toward Japan!


Kristen My Bookish Fairy Tale said...

haha good luck Lauren!! I hope your trip gets better!

My Bloody Fairy Tale

Nina said...

Haha, nah, you obviously didn't loose your sense of humor^^
Tokyo is crazy and totally awesome! I had a wonderful time there though it's nothing like any other city in the world and unlike anything I experienced before.
So have fun!

PS: Got my Delirium ARC today. Can't wait to start reading :P

Bethany Neal said...

Oh the pitfalls of travel. When you do arrive in Tokyo (oh my god, so cool!) have fun. :)

Anonymous said...


It's actually "konnichiwa" in the roman alphabet. ;)

I hope you eventually make it to Tokyo. Goood luck.

Ella Preuss said...

I want to go there someday!
You look like you have fangs or something in that pic, LOL!
Have a blast!


Audrey (holes In My brain) said...

you're in western canada? haha i wish you would like, do a signing at the airport, i would soo come! xD have a ton of fun in Japan! im so jealous you get to go there!

Cass said...

(Why are there clouds in your arms?)

Happy Japan-ing! I want to go someday...

Rhiannon said...

hahaha, next time your stranded in Toronto let me know and I'll give you the quick foodies tour for those stranded!
Have fun in Japan (whenever you get there)!

Sara B. Larson said...

Oh man, what a frustrating travel experience! I hope the rest goes smoothly for you.

Here's something to cheer you up: I read Delirium last week and I couldn't put it down. Wow. SO GOOD. Brava. I loved it. And also, is there a sequel!?!? ;)

Rita said...

well, the worst is yet to come. I don't know about the time difference from NY, but I can't be that different from Brazil. It's a 12 hour difference from here, it's so bizarre, you can leave Rio at 4 in the afternoon and get to Tokyo at 4 in the afternoon, on the very same day you left, after a 24 hour flight. It's like a time machine, really.

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