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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Canada: Prepare Yourself!

This is it, people. I know I've been a crap blogger recently, and I can only excuse myself by saying that for the past three months I have been on the road almost continuously. (I've only spent twelve nights in my own bed since January--yep, I counted.)

But this week is the grand finale. The wrap-up. The swan song.

And it's happening in Canada.

I'll be touring with Veronica Roth, the fabulous author of the tremendous Divergent, so please come and see us. (Let's hope the dystopian theme applies only to the content of our discussions, and not weather patterns and/or flight delays, as happened the first time I went on tour for Delirium!) Mark off your calendar, call in sick to work, skip school--do whatever you have to do. (I'll help you with your algebra homework, I promise!)


Location: 3401 Dufferin Street


Location: 76 Barrie View Drive


Location: 52 Quarry Edge Drive

Be sure to follow @indigogreenroom on twitter for exclusive photos and updates on my trip to Toronto! For that matter, make sure to follow me @OliverBooks!

I'm so excited that I finally get to show our northern neighbors some love. Canada, see you soon! (If I can find my passport, that is...)


Anonymous said...

YEAHHH!! I am SO excited! My mom is actually letting me skip school in the afternoon to arrive early! Best mom ever? I think so!

I love Delirium and I'll be picking up a copy of Before I Fall at the event. And needless to say, Divergent was amazing! So anxious to meet you and Veronica :)

Can't wait to see you both on your first stop of the tour!

Tamara said...

Too bad you won't be coming out west... I actually work in a bookstore and would have loved to meet the both of you, since Delirium and Divergent are 2 of my top reads.

Midnight Bloom said...

I'm so excited to be attending one of the events as well!! I'll be at the Yorkdale one! :)

Mardie said...

Jealous of all my fellow Canadians who are in the neighbourhood! Hope you have a wonderful time in Canada, Lauren.

Sarah-Jeanne said...

How about Quebec? Why do all the English authors have to tour in Ontario, and not in Quebec? Yes, we do have our load of French Quebecois authors, but besides Kathy Reichs (who actually lives here part-time), no English author ever come here.

We did get Lady Gaga in Montreal not too long ago, but I don't think she even wrote a biography...

I think this is why us Québécois don't call ourselves "Canadians". Because we are always left behind. Yes, our language is French, but English still do exist in our country. And anyways, you've been to France, haven't you? Why not Montreal? French and English at the same time!

I'm not mad. Just... sad.

A Canadian Girl said...

See you at the Yorkdale event!

Nicole said...

You don´t need to excuse yourself, what you did is fantastic and I know a lot of people would envy you for all the months in the roads. I just love to travel, especially if it is for a good reason like yours! I remember when I went to Argentina. I was so excited because it was my first trip putside the US. I got an apartment rental in Buenos Aires and started the touring. I can´t tell you how much I learnt from that experience, i´m sure you will too!

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