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Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Favorite Things!

The holidays aren't just about parties and eggnog. . .they're also about PRESENTS! As the old adage goes, "it is better to give than to receive" (I truly love giving), so let's give our peeps some presents they actually won't return!

With just a little over a week to shop for Christmas (and even less time to shop for Hanukkah!!), I thought I'd lend a hand with your gift ideas. I've composed my own list of faves this holiday season called Lauren's Favorite Things (everything is under $100). Hey, why should Oprah have all the fun?!

1-Juicy Couture Fair Isle Earmuff Headphones are super adorable and double as headphones. No more sacrificing your ears to subzero temperatures because you refuse to ditch your earbuds!

2-Juicy Couture Fair Isle Texting Gloves are not only a perfect match to the aforementioned heaphones/earmuffs, but have convenient slits on the thumb and forefinger for tech addicts who can't stop texting (like me).

3-Hoodie-Footie is the normal person's answer to the Snuggie. It's cozy, comfortable, and most importantly, cute! They come in a variety of colors/styles*.
*All styles are acceptable, except the leopard. Stay away from the leopard!! Also, please note that this is ONLY acceptable gear for INSIDE the home.

4-Kate Spade Gold Playing Cards make a luxurious stocking stuffer! Put the Midas touch on a game of Old Maid and she instantly becomes a hot, single heiress!

5-Pocket Digital Photo Viewer is a photo album and keychain all-in-one!

6-The Cupcake Beanie from Fred Flare is perfect for the girl who always has sweets on the brain. Throw in the Cupcake Shower Cap to keep her head "frosted" at all times.

7-Tory Burch Tortoise Cuff for the logo lovers out there.

8-The Keurig MINI is perfectly sized for a college dorm or small kitchen. I recently bought a Keurig and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

9-Vosges Aztec Elixir Couture Cocoa is literally HOT chocolate! Chocolate and chillies combine in an exotic and delicious treat for only the most daring chocoholics! Try Vosges other distinctive chocolate creations, like their Chocolate Bacon Bar and Vegan Truffles.

10-Last, but not least, Liesl & Po makes a fantastic present for anyone on your list! It's pretty on the outside, and on the inside lies a timeless tale that everyone, young or old, can appreciate! If I do say so myself...

Happy Holidays to you all!!! :)


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