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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I have a dream! Writing Challenge

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His diligent leadership during the Civil Rights Movement helped change this country for African Americans, but in reality, he changed the world. He moved his followers with his words and the power in which he delivered his speeches was unmatched. Listening to his "I Have A Dream" speech makes me wish I could have been there on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with him back in 1963! I would have adjusted my cat-eye glasses and started marching until my heels cracked! That is what a great orator can do to you, move you to feel what they feel and join their cause.

This week I'm calling on you to write a speech that moves people to act. Now, I won't be able to see you deliver the speech (unless you send me a video, which would be awesome!), but in reading it one should be compelled to go with you to the "Mountaintop"! Submit a speech about anything you want to me at laurenoliverbooks@gmail,com. I don't care if you are advocating for the end of polka dots or for oral hygiene breaks during school hours, as long as it's persuasive and stirring enough to inspire change. Keep it under 300 words, and I'll post a couple of them right here!

Get crackin!!!


Manuel.m.ad said...

Hy Lauren!
Im a spanish boy that have hust reed your book Pacndemonium.
Congratulations! Is fantastic!!!! I love the new Lena and your new book is perfecr. I have reed in 1 day and now Im waiting the fina of this story , but I cant wait more!!! xD

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea!! I'll have to get thinking/writing...should we email you submissions?

Lauren Oliver said...

Yes, Taylor! I just added my email to the post!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I'm working on a speech, and I'll hopefully send it soon. Thanks for the great challenge!! :D

Unknown said...

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