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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Great New Illustrations

I was incredibly excited today to open a package and find the Catalan version of Liesl & Po (or La história de Liesl i Po)! It's always fascinating to see the way cover art is reconceived by my international publishers. In this edition I was additionally struck by the beautiful interior
illustrations by Ramón Rosanas, which I had not yet seen. I've posted some of them below. Cool, huh?


esa estrella... said...

I'm Catalan ^^ I'll search it :)

kisses <3

A Backwards Story said...

Nice!! It looks like animation from a movie. (Hear that, movie studios?? I want to see this animated!!)

Tonette said...

Yes, I LOVE this story. Thank you for it.

BlueBird127 said...

Hey Lauren, I love your books and I this has nothing to do w/ your current blog post but I'm currently reading Before I fall and the other day I was listening to the song Eyes Open by Taylor Swift and thought it was the perfect theme song to Before I fall. I don't maybe its me and I haven't finished the book quite yet but just thought it was kinda cool that the song just made me think about your book. Anyway thanks!

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