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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ten Things I Loved in June

10. The Book of Lost Things, by John Connolly. Not necessarily a beach read, but an incredible book.

9. Spring break with old best friends, even if we're a little too old to be spring breaking.

8. First peach of the season: purchased at the farmers' market, eaten over the sink. So. Frigging. Good.

7. The Borderline/Open Your Heart mash-up, from Glee.

6. The smell of charcoal grills! This has to be one of the happiest smells on the planet.

5. Rose wine, enjoyed outside on terraces.

4. The return of strappy sandals and sundresses. Girls' night!

3. Amazing kisses...in the back seat of taxicabs, on streetcorners, in nightclubs. Summer love, baby!

2. Boys who know when to use four ellipses...and when to use three. I am swooning....

1. Picnics in the park...even the ones that get rained on. Especially those, actually.

And lastly...that we still have two months left of summer! Holla holla.

How about YOU? What were your greatest hits for June?



Miss Bookiverse said...

I agree with #10, that book is freaking amazing and one of my alltime favourites!

Daisy Whitney said...

Sounds like someone is in love!

As for me, I am in love with those pink shoes! Where do I get my hands on a pair??? I want...

Kathryn Rose said...

Mmmm... rose wine. Time to crack open a bottle!

girlsinthestacks.com said...

greatest hits for June are...camping, playing outdoor soccer, and reading outside...but I so would like those strappy heels and like a girls night!

Hannah S. said...

Ooh, summer love! If only my love life, well, EXISTED! :)
Love, Hannah

Twi-sessed said...

I'm all for #3!

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