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Friday, June 11, 2010

Two Laurens Walk Into A Bar...

Hey all!

Dying for something fabulous to read this summer? (And DON'T SAY DELIRIUM, because you know it's not out yet and I only have one galley!!). Well, I have got a little bundle of fabulousness for you, then: an awesome new YA novel that is (in addition to its awesomeness) FREE! (So you can save all that babysitting money for ice cream cones and bikinis...)

I'm pretty psyched about "My Darklyng" (thats the name of the book) for a couple of reasons:
1. It's a thriller, and I love thrillers.
2. The book will be published on the internet, and have tons of multiplatform coolness (funny Twitter feeds and photos and videos featuring the characters), which I think is really exciting. And before I get crucified: I LIKE PAPER BOOKS TOO, PEOPLE, BUT THERE IS ROOM FOR BOTH!
3. It comes straight from the wild minds of Lauren Mechling (the Dream Girl series) and Laura Moser (the 10th Grade Social Clmber series, as well as various celebrity books she’s not allowed to say she ghostwrote, but she did!). AND LAUREN IS A FRIEND OF MINE! AND LAURA'S NAME IS CLOSE TO LAUREN! So I'm excited about that.
4. It's also just a good story, which is ultimately what it's all about. My Darklyng is about a regular 16 year old girl named Natalie Pollock who ends up becoming friends with the cover model on all the books in her favorite vampire series. The story is about the behind-the-scenes world of vampire novels as well as what it’s like when a seemingly perfect friendship gets a little too intense. We’ve all been there.

Here's the deal: The editors at Slate, which usually runs essays about politics and culture, are so convinced this is the newest hot book, they’re publishing three chapters every Friday for the rest of the summer. The first chapter ran last Friday but if you go today, it will be way easy to catch up to speed. I highly recommend camping out here every Friday this summer: www.slate.com/mydarklyng. That's where I'll be!

My special guest Lauren Mechling can explain a little more. We recently met at a romantic rooftop bar overlooking the East River a(okay, actually, we did these questions over the internet, but can't fiction writers fantasize?) to do a little interview—here are some of the highlights:

Lauren O: Hi Lauren. Man, you look fabulous!

Lauren M: Stop. YOU’RE the one in a white bandage dress and 56 inch tall platforms.

Lauren O: I always get dressed up for you. What's with the hickey, Lauren?

Lauren M: It’s fake, like a Lee Press-On Nail, or a sticker. [pulls it off neck]. See? Its in honor of My Darklyng’s vampire theme.

Lauren O: Classy. [rolls eyes] So why did you decide to publish a book on the Internet?

Lauren M: Because I live on the internet, and all I do is read words on my many screens all day. Some people say the Internet kills your soul and your attention span and ability to read, but my co-author Laura and I didn’t think that has to be the case. Why not bring a smart book TO the internet?

Lauren O: Right on. And there’s also a big Facebook component to this story, right?

Lauren M: Natalie Pollock has her own Facebook page. If you "like" it you can watch creepy clues that get posted to her wall by some mysterious stalker-type person, as well as check out the photos and videos she makes of her day-to-day life. It’s a way to provide texture to a fictional charater.

Lauren O: So friggin cool. Who plays Natalie and James, the model character?

Lauren M: Two amazing real life teenagers who both happen to be super creative as well as to be a lot like the characters they represent. I strongly urge your readers to “like” Natalie’s page to see all the crazy stuff they’ve shot.

Lauren O: I concur. Today's video of Natalie and the vampire model having coffee at Bar 6 was terrific. Readers, LIKE the My Darklyng page on Facebook: facebook.com/mydarklyng.

Lauren M: Thanks! If your readers leave comments on your page saying they pressed “like,” I will choose one at random to send an amazing care package to.

Lauren O: Whoo-hoo! I already registered my like for the page. Am I eligible?

Lauren M: Only if I can borrow that dress sometime.

Lauren O: As long as I get to wear that hickey thing.

Isn't she fabulous? So, Lauren will be sending a care package filled with goodness to one of the readers who "likes" the facebook page at www.facebook.com/mydarklyng, so jump on it!

And definitely check out the story on Slate...you know you don't want to do anything productive on Fridays anyway! It goes against the Rules of Summer.


Manda said...

I 'liked' it. Wish there was a 'love' button.

Meredith said...

So excited to follow this story! What an awesome summer idea. My summer Fridays just got a whole lot cooler.

Janet Gurtler said...

Just had to pop into your blog to tell you how much I loved Before I Fall. Except you made me stay up way past my bedtime reading it and now I'm late for work and writing you a note when I should be showering, so thanks a lot. ;)

The Reading Date said...

I "liked" it. Looks very cool and original! Can't wait to read it.

Guinevere said...

I hit like. Visited the Slate link and this looks interesting - I'm curious to follow along.

I love the idea of the Facebook page in addition to the serialized story - very fun way to bring a book to the web!

Social Climber Books said...

And the winner is. . . whoever reads this first and is a "liker." Email me at lauren@laurenmechling.com with your address and the care package will be on its merry way. Thanks everyone! xo L

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