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Friday, May 6, 2011

Feel The Love

I am happy to report that this week's make-up DELIRIUM tour went ENTIRELY better than the original! I had a great time in Winnetka meeting Robert of The Book Stall and talking poetry, and I had amazing school events in both Illinois and Texas, and I rocked it out at some of my favorite indies: Anderson's in Naperville, and Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston.

But more importantly...I got PRESENTS!!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I looooove getting gifted (I love giving gifts, as well--Christmas in my house always looks like Santa Clause's elves threw an enormous celebratory kegger). So thanks to the wonderful Mindy Janicke and Michele Moore Luker for the AWESOME Delirium-themed shirt ("We don't follow--we stalk"), which really helped me feel the love. I plan on rocking it all around NYC and then showing off the pics here.

Thank you, too, to the students of Pasadena Memorial High School, for the INCREDIBLE gift bag they put together full of all of my favorite things. Seriously...their gifts to me came from the result of an author study, and each one is tailored just for yours truly! They gave me dozens of individual packets of my favorite substance in the world--ketchup!--each of which was wrapped up in a quote from one of my books. They also gave me a bag of coffee (*tears up) and gatorade for post-workout inspiration. Soooo amazing. After the sweet-as-pie librarian at Oak Ridge High School today surprised me with a beautiful bracelet, I'm thinking I could totally get used to this southern hospitality thing....


Valen Steel said...

awesome sauce! that sounds like it was a blast! I wants me a Delirium-themed shirt too!!

Kristin Rae said...

It was fantastic to meet you this evening at Barnes and Nobel! So glad you're having a great time in Texas :) That means you'll come back, right?!

Anonymous said...

It was so wonderful to be able to meet you last night! You were charming and funny and I love your work motto :) You are a huge inspiration for me, so it was a very fan girl moment to be able to share space with you in B&N.

Don't forget us in Houston!

Unknown said...

Ain't the South great?! We do know how to treat company. Come to southwest Virginia!

P.S. - I started reading Delirium today, about 40 pages in. I am already loving it!!


Shelby said...

I love Delirium and Before I fall. You are my favorite author ever. I have read Delirium 3 times already and I own both of your books. I cant wait for the next one! And i emailed you so pretty please read it and email me back! Your biggest fan, Shelby
P.S. I want to be an author, so thanks for the inspiration!

Michele said...

OMG!!! I'm so glad you liked the shirt Lauren...Mindy and I had SO much fun meeting you and planning that shirt!! I even have a picture of the 3 of us framed on my desk!! Can't wait to see pics of you wearing it in NY!!

Unknown said...

EEEEP! I am Mindy & Michele is my BFF! WE had such an awesome time meeting you Lauren! WE are SO glad you loved your tshirt. I am getting my pic of us framed this weekend!! Just wait till you come back to Naperville Lauren...I think the 3 of us should go share some wine!!! :) *totally fangirling like mad right now!!

Unknown said...

I cant find where to subscribe to your blogs by email. I tried on http://deliriouslyfalling.blogspot.com/ but it says it is not enabled. HELP!

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