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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The release of the goodreads summary of PANDEMONIUM has, appropriately enough, inspired its own bit of pandemonium! I've been deluged with facebook messages and tweets about the direction of the series--some expressing excitement, some disapproval, and some anger. So I wanted to take this opportunity to respond.

I'm actually super grateful for all the discussion, dialogue, and debate; it proves how richly my fans have become invested in the world of Delirium, in Alex, and Lena, and Alex and Lena together; it proves, too, how strongly books begin to belong to the readers themselves, to their mental and emotional landscapes. Readers make predictions; they stake their hopes on certain outcomes.

I totally get it. I, too, feel that way about books I love. And I want to say: thank you for reading, and thank you for caring so much.

I also want to say--please be patient with me, with Lena, and with the unfolding of the story. Pandemonium took me to some very unexpected places. It is a different book from Delirium, just as Requiem will be a different book than the ones that preceded it. I need to follow the thread of the character; I need to be authentic to her growth. Lena lived through a deeply traumatic experience--her vision of the world needs enrichment and expansion. She is a young woman on the cusp of great change.

Please have a little faith! :) I promise, promise, promise, that ultimately I do not think my fans will be disappointed by the direction of the series, although I also promise that in my novels, as in life, there may be many twists, turns, and bumps in the road before we hit any truly happy endings.

But of course, it must be that way. As old Billy Shakespeare so eloquently said: The course of true love never did run smooth.



prettybooks said...

It's sad that some fans have directed anger towards you, especially based on such a short summary.

I'm worried about the Alex storyline but that's the whole excitement of it! The anticipation of what's going to happen next.

I'm really excited for Pandemonium either way. I'm sure you'll take us on another fantastic journey!

caren said...

Well said, Lauren. I am along for whatever you throw at us!! Thank you for writing. xoxo

Library Gal @Lost in the Library said...

I'm so excited for this one, I think your writing is truly a gift-(said in admiration and not in a stalkerish way)

Alendax said...

Hey Lauren!
I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome books. I loved Delirium and I am pretty sure that I'm gonna love Pandemonium. I love the way you write, you're like a poet, a very good one.
So, thanks, thanks and thanks.

Unknown said...

Lauren, you just write what comes to you! That is what we love about you and your books! If we can predict everything that happens, how boring would that be?

I miss seeing you on FB but I know your busy!! Still waiting to see my tshirt in NYC!!

The Queen B said...

I can't wait for this one. Do we know when there will be a cover reveal? (yes, I am never satisfied :P)

Anonymous said...

I was one of the people who sent you a message so thanks for taking your time to reply.
Not gonna lie, I still have doubts(and worries) BUT there's nothing else to do than wait for the release next year.

Thanks Lauren!

Jessica A. Briones said...

I look forward to see where Lena's new life will take her and she will cope. I never expected Alex to be a part of it, but if you surprise us and he is, well then that would be wonderful. At the end of the day readers have to realize it is, in essence Lena's story.

Can't wait!

Paige Woiner said...

I'm so excited for Pandemonium! I know it will be great because you wrote it!

Kendall said...

I can't wait for Pandemonium! I read the last page to Delirium at least 10 times, sobbing because I could not believe it was over, so I'm so glad we get to hear more from Lena! Yay!

Gina @ My Precious said...

I'm so excited for the next book, even if Lena must go forward on her own, its what Alex would have wanted.

Braiden said...

Before I read the synopsis by reading this post I said to myself, “Just let Lauren write what she thinks is appropriate for Lena’s story, and not just read because there’s some “boy” that makes your reading more worthwhile.” Meaning some people only read for the male characters in this case Alex.

But then after reading it, I thought to myself “Oh boy! Another love triangle.” However, I don’t care! Whatever is best for Lena or best for the story or best for the amazing Lauren Oliver, is always the best for ME!

Julia @ That Hapa Chick said...

Wow, I never would have thought that people would be upset about the summary. Personally I was ecstatic! I just cannot wait! Of course I love Alex, and I love Alex and Lena as a couple, but if that can't happen or doesn't happen in Pandemonium I'm not going to go all AWOL. You're the writer. You know the story. You know whats best. I'm sure it will be amazing. :)

magan bagan said...

I just read the summary and your post and I have to say that I am even more intrigued now.

While it's wonderful that everyone feels such a strong response to your characters and their story from Delirium, we obviously don't know what is next to come in the second book or the last book either.

When I first finished Delirium I was worried that we'd end up following a different characters journey in Pandemonium, but in the end I will trust you. Because these are your characters and know one knows them better than you.

Now I can't wait to get my hands on Pandemonium's ARC, just so you know!

Lea Kelley said...

As a reader who was lucky enough to hear you read (twice!) from Pandemonium, I am very excited to read the finished book. I often wait to read book 2 in trilogies until the 3rd one is out, but that will definitely not be the case here!

Unknown said...

Wherever the story goes, I can't wait to read it and am sure I will love it because I love your writing so much!
I know people get strongly connected to those worlds and characters but they should not be angry at you because it's your story; your discovery!
Can't wait!

Daisy said...

Oh gosh, it's horrible that people are getting angry at you for what they think will be in a book that's not even out yet! I mean, really?
I just read the summary (thanks for pointing out that there is one by the way!) and I'm feeling the excitement I had while reading Delirium again! I'm dying to found out what happens next. And of course I'm hoping we'll see Alex again, because I seriously needed hugs after reading that ending, so dramatic!
Anyway, the point to this long comment is: People are weird. I'm looking forward to Pandemonium. :)

A Musing Mother said...

Lauren, Lauren (condescending pat on the head). Don't you realize that the world revolves around ME?

Okay, actually I didn't know it was a series. I only hoped it was a series and I am glad it is a series and I had and have no idea where you are going with the series but I hope the characters don't all die just yet but I suspect your protagonist is niggling you and telling you how it will actually go.

Because the world revolves around her in Delirium. And she'd just hate it if you killed HER off just yet.

Unless she has the operation. Then she really won't care that much, will she.

AmyBeaudine said...

The most heart-breaking point was the Alex dilemma. I really hope he returns in some manner.!

Taha said...


If only both of them had climbed the fence at the same time...
Oh well. I just hope Alex lives

Anonymous said...

Delirium was fantastic and I can only hope that Alex survived, but I think that part of what made the end of the book so good, so epic was the fact that he didn't escape. If he does end up reappearing cured in Pandemonium, I actually think I may cry my eyes out!

Laura Barnes said...

Ugh! Just finished Delirium. How beautiful! Though I grieve that Alex is not with Lena, I trust you. Can't wait for the next!

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