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Monday, June 6, 2011

Writing Challenge: The June Edition!

It has been far too long since I’ve posted a writing challenge. Blame it on post-tour exhaustion, lots of napping, and a decent amount of blowing off work to frolic in Prospect Park! But I’m back on the blog and I expect you to be back at your computers, too.

This month’s challenge is about—what else?—Summer Lovin.’ Your challenge is to complete a 200-250 word submission that begins with or incorporates the following sentence:

“The first time I saw Kyle, I was standing in between the Dunk-A-Dunce booth and the Hoop Hop, wrestling with a gigantic stuffed panda bear. Not the best way to make a good first impression.”

Please note that Kyle might be either a girl’s name or a boy’s name. And the submission can focus on a romantic entanglement, or it can just explore the brand-new friendships that often seem to sprout around June and wither away by Labor Day.

Get writing! I’ll expect your submissions by June 18th. Remember to send them to laurenoliverbooks at gmail dot com.

And in the meantime…happy summering!


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Mando said...

your blog is way to Under the Radar, there should be like 1242385843758 people on it :)
haha i know i will :D

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