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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 New Year's Resolutions!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!!!! I hope the holidays were good to you and that you have a prosperous and amazing 2012! I am super excited about this year since there are several things in the works, both in my personal and professional lives. You should stay tuned for more posts about upcoming events in the weeks/months to come... although, most of you already know that I'll be releasing Pandemonium next month! Yay!

As this time of year dictates, we must make promises to better ourselves (yada, yada, yada) and put our RESOLUTIONS out there for all the world to see. Well, maybe we ALL don't, but I am! Here they are:

1--Cook more at home, especially Indian and Thai food! Yum!

2--Keep the house cleaner on a day-to-day basis.

3--Make my bed every morning. This is actually a recurring resolution, so hopefully 2012's the charm!

4--Learn how to manage stress better. Punching people in the face and crying into pillows has proven ineffective.

5--Spend at least one night a week on a date with my fiance; one night with friends; and one night reading or doing creative work. (Sock puppets, anyone?)

I'm sure I could use a few more... Feel free to share some of yours so I can steal them! Cheers to another wonderful year with the best fans EVER!



Kristin Rae said...

ooohhh keep the house cleaner on a day-to-day basis. I'm SO with you on that.

I'm also putting more effort into learning foreign languages this year. Spanish and Italian firstly.

Best of luck on your resolutions, and Happy New Year!

amber d* said...

There are a couple of these I didn't even write down for my resolutions, but I'm still trying to do! Espeically keeping the house clean on a day-to-day basis. I live by myself and you would think I had like 4 kids up in here.

Have fun with cooking!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! Great resolutions, and I wish you the best of luck, though to be honest I can't imagine NOT making my bed each morning...I hate climbing into a messy bed at night, plus I'm a neat freak, haha. ;)

And I can totally see how punching people in the face might not work so well, although sometimes I think we all need a good cry. ;)

Here's to a fantastic 2012!!

ruty said...

Those are some great resolutions!
I love cooking but I never try Indian so that could be one thing to do!
My only resolution for this year is to be happy!

Ria said...

Great resolutions!

I try to avoid resolutions in the sense of "I will do this" and go for more of a "I'll try to improve this" method instead. Less disappointment that way if I don't meet certain goals, because at least I can still say that something improved at the end.

My goals for this coming year, though? I want to cook more, I want to have a ready-for-submission draft of a novel written, I want to continue doing book reviews and increase my blog readership, and I want to not have as many illnesses and injuries as I did in 2011. (If I can go the whole year without breaking a bone, spraining a joint, or getting diagnosed with another chronic illness, I can say it was an improvement over 2011!)

Wendy Higgins said...

LOL at #4. I'm a huge freaker-outer, so my resolution is to let it go and not stress over every little thing (especially the stuff out of my control).
And btw, I have an awesome thai peanut lettuce wrap recipe if you're interested! YUM!

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