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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mexico, Querida

I hardly ever share pictures and that is a mistake, according to my friend Suzanne Young, who blogs here and whose forthcoming book, The Naughty List, will be out in February 2010! She knows everything, so I thought I would share pics from my recent fabulous trip to Todos Santos, Mexico...and you can expect MORE PICS from me from now on, people!

Todos Santos is awesome...It's a small fishing-village an hour and a half away from Cabo (through the desert). There's not a whole lot of tourism so the beaches are remote and private and empty...Except for the wild horses! (No lie--one of them bit my friend! They are wild for a reason, I suppose). We saw whales and baby turtles and ate ceviche and I did lots of writing and reading and it was a good time, as you can probably tell. :)

Now I'm back in frigid NYC, so I am projecting myself backwards through time and into the pics and the warmth of the Mexican sun.


PS. In group pics I am the very pale one!!


barnsdale11 said...

Awwww.... Awesome weather... among other things... I envy you :(

Mariana S said...

Im from Mexico,and Ive never been in Todos Santos but I heard is beautiful, Im glad to know you enjoy your visit to Mexico :).

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