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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Better Than TV

I'm all about cool people doing cool things. I'm particularly amazed by cool YOUNG people doing cool things now that I'm officially--sniff!--over the hill. (Okay, well, not really; but considering that I spent most of my adolescence and early twenties squeezing into pleather pants and trying to find unsuitable people to date, I am still really impressed by young people whose ambitions/activities outstrip shopping and bar-hopping.)

In that vein, check out this cool new YouTube channel started by the lovely Molly H. Molly intends to interview a ton of young adult authors and unify their responses in one place--so if you want to see me answer questions in my study while dressed in my pajamas, check it out! Seriously, though, I love this idea, and I'm psyched to have participated. So go ahead and watch--you know you need a Tuesday reason to procrastinate anyway!--subscribe, and spread the word!



j said...

You rocked out the PJs, Lauren! I am happy you are writing YA, never stop please! :)

Unknown said...

Hey Lauren,

My name is Igor and I am editor of the Lit!, A Brazilian publication scheduled for release in September (right after the Biennial), which
aims to stimulate young people's taste in books. For this, we are organizing a volume one absolutely spectacular and we'd appreciate you
for that. It would be an honor for us if he could give us an interview. The questions would be sent by email and can be answered by
Jule 30. And if not asking too much, we would ask for an signed copy
"Before I Fall" to draw. This is because the community of the book is huge (in the social network Orkut, the most popular in Brazil, with 75% of Brazilian Internet registrations, the
group hits the home of 30.000) and it draws the attention of young
people who are the main target in our task. In the first volume, we have Alyson Noël, Becca Fitzpatrick, Sarwat Chadda, Lauren Kate, Danielle Trussoni and if you
agree, you.

We're partners of your brazilian publisher, Intrínseca

We look back until Jule 20 at the latest


Igor Silva

Lauren Oliver said...

Hey Igor--

That sounds great! I'd be thrilled to participate. Please email me at laurenoliverbooks@gmail.com.



Imola said...

Laurent, great post!

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