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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Literary Mash-Up

I'm a huge fan of the TV show Glee, and a huge fan in particular of their rocking mash-ups of awesome pop songs (see a list of my favorite things from June as evidence; the Borderline/Open Your Heart mash-up was my month-long musical selection of choice). And recently I came across a version of a kind of literary mash-up. The question: which fictional characters--from different books--would you like to see hook up? (See the interview with Bree Despain here that got me thinking about this rocking question.)
I love the idea of page-crossed lovers, and this post got me thinking about allowing my characters to do some book-hopping of their own. After some long and hard thinking, however, I had to admit that I don't want Sam to be with anyone but Kent--they're too perfect for each other, and after offing the poor girl numerous times I think she deserves some modicum of happiness.
BUT Lindsay is another issue.
And although the literary mash-up I envision for Ms. Edgecombe, Queen Bitch Extraordinaire and Social Tornado, is not romantic in nature, it is all too a propos: I would like to see Lindsay in The Hunger Games.
I'm sorry, but that girl would not even need even a quiver of arrows or a blunt-edged knife in order to have an advantage. Give her five minutes and the revelation of a weakness and/or insecurity, and she'll have all of her competitors sniveling and begged to be torn apart by weird computerized dog-versions of themselves.
Warfare is scary. Psychological warfare? That, my friends, is horror. And everyone knows there is nothing more horrifying than a privileged teen with daddy issues, a credit card, no parental guidance, and a popularity obsession. Even typing those words gave me heart palpitations!
So that's my literary mash-up...what about you? What scenes would you mix up? What characters would you pit together in an ultimate death match? What characters would you bring together for a little inter-novelistic somethin' somethin'?
I want to know!


Jillian said...

I would love to see Patch from Hush, Hush in The Hunger Games. Haha.

Chachic said...

Excellent idea! I saw from some site before that it would be great to see the Bella, Edward and Jacob fight with Katniss, Peeta and Gale.

Liz said...

I would love to see Matilda from Matilda in Harry Potter. As for who else I'd put in The Hunger Games...hmmm...I'm not actually sure!

girlsinthestacks.com said...

I would like to see the faeries from the Iron Fey series switch places with the faeries from the Rebel Faeries sereis...totally two different worlds.

Bidisha said...

I'd love to let Georgia Nicholson and Jacob Black run loose on the same page...and then take the crap outta each other!

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