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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Quick Trip to an Old-School Bookstore

Hey all!

Hope you all had a fabulous fourth of July. Mine involved:

1. Burgers
2. Fireworks
3. Ice cream with hot fudge from THE BEST ICE CREAM SHOP IN THE WORLD (Sundae School, in Cape Cod)
4. Best friends
and...of course...

(Enjoyed not necessarily in that order.)

I hit up Martha's Vineyard and then Cape Cod with some of my oldest, best friends, and spent a week swimming, biking, tanning (BUT VERY CAREFULLY and wearing LOTS OF SUNBLOCK!! C'mon peeps...wrinkles + skin cancer = NOT HOT), and generally being as happy as a clam. (Not the clams I consumed on my vacation--not sure they were so happy--but happy as a FREE clam.)

As you can probably tell, some of the sunshine and sugar addled my brain, but I did have time for some intellectual pursuits...I had a chance to stop by Titcomb's Bookstore in East Sandwich, where I met lovely owner Vicky and various other members of her extended family. The store has been in existence since 1969 and it represent everything I love about indies: a warm and knowledgeable staff, an incredible selection of books, both old, used, and antique (I rediscovered some classic Beatrice Potter editions I used to have when I was little; I literally almost cried when I saw them), and BROWNIES! Okay, so, brownies aren't necessarily something I associate with indies, but Vicky had whipped up a batch of them and they were ridiculously delicious.

I was in the Cape with one of my best friends, Elizabeth Miles, a soon-to-be debut novelist whose first book, FURY, will be out in Fall 2011, and whom I recently interviewed here. Below you will find a pic of the two of us standing in front of the papier-mache statue that marks the entrance to the bookstore.

For those of you that have read BEFORE I FALL, you might recall that one of Sam's final "greatest hits" involves a memory of catching crabs in Cape Cod with her sister Izzy...and I have to say, this latest trip to the Cape might very well make it onto a greatest hits collection of my own.

Hope everyone had a happy Independence Day...now summer really begins!


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Keri said...

Great to hear that you had such a great 4th of July and tanned carefully! I don't tan. I have this near transparent Scottish complexion that I like enough to keep. Not that I think I could tan even if I tried.

I didn't actually have a 4th of July as I got on a plane in LA on the 3rd and arrived back in NZ on the 5th. I did come back from my two weeks of Summer with lots of books.

I even bought a copy of Before I Fall but I passed it along to my cousin so that she could enjoy it and also in fear that my cat would try to eat it like he almost did the library copy I initially read. >.>

The papier-mache statue is awesome...and somewhat scary.

Now you have me craving books and ice cream! Luckily I have one of those two things on hand. Now all I need to do is make sure my cat doesn't try to eat it...


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