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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I know I'm Prolific...But I'm not THAT prolific

Recently I was coasting through Goodreads (I love goodreads--don't you??), and I came across a book that apparently I wrote, and never knew I wrote! It is called Graham-the-Kind-Hearted.

I am sure it is a wonderful book but it is NOT WRITTEN BY ME!! (Unless I wrote, submitted, and published it in my sleep). Just a disclaimer/FYI. Does anyone know how to contact the administrators at Goodreads?



Melissa said...

Hi Lauren,

I'm a Goodreads Librarian, which means that I can change the info on existing pages. The only problem is that I can't find the real author's name anywhere. For now, I've changed it to "Unknown," so at least the book is no longer attributed to you.

However, while trying to find the real author's name, I stumbled upon the book on Amazon, where it's also attributed to you. I can't help you fix it there, but I thought it was worth pointing it out to you.

Jenny said...

It could be another author with the same name as yours. If you post it in the Goodreads Librarian group they can disambiguate that for you and split the Lauren Olivers up properly.

Diva Schuyler said...

Jenny, thank you for using the word "disambiguate." I didn't know it before now!

I'm completely useless with the GoodReads problem, but just had to mention that. :D

Bidisha said...

Ohh :O
You could try looking up 'Help' at the bottom of the page.

But Liesl & Po is by you, right?

Vicky said...

I think such book doesn't exist. I looked it up & no one seems to be it's author. It clearly was made up & credited to you. It cannot be deleted by a regular Librarian because too much people have added it to their shelves.

You could:

a. Ask the people to delete it off their shelves so a regular librarian can delete the book. Or,

2. Find a 'superlibrarian' to get rid of it.

I know someone says she changed it to unknown, but it still appears under your name.

Hope I helped.

Unknown said...

"Disambiguate" -- oh oh, must be a cataloger popping up in here! It is a great word!

Unknown said...

"Published 2009 by Macmillan Mcgraw Hill", I would recommend getting your lawyer to start something :-)

Ginny said...

Ooh, thank you for bringing this up, Lauren, and thank you for correcting the mistake (or at least postponing it until we find the real author), Melissa.
I'm a GR librarian, too, and it's been driving me nuts!

Lauren Oliver said...

LIESL & PO is most definitely by me! This is frustrating...it happened on Amazon too. Anyway, thanks for your help, guys.

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