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Monday, July 18, 2011

Your Opinion--Required!!

Hi lovelies--

Paper Lantern Lit is giving away some lovely t-shirts to help celebrate the August 30th launch of FURY, by my BFF Elizabeth Miles (check out the book's brand new website here.). And we need your help picking a design!

Check out the four t-shirt designs on Paper Lantern's blog and post a comment for a chance to win an ARC of FURY and a cutie petutie t-shirt!

And remember...revenge IS sweet. (And the best revenge is looking cute!) :)



Anonymous said...

I picked version 2.2 since the word and red of the cherry really jump out and catch your eye more against the black background. And since “Revenge is sweet”, the cherry is more fitting than the lips.

Michele said...

going to look!!!

Mrs. Heise said...

I like 1.2...black is always more flattering for all and then "revenge is sweet" stands out more, and the lips just make more of a statement. Seeing these shirts I'm even more excited to read the book!

Meg said...

I also chose 1.2. I think the black is more flattering (like other people have said) and the dark red lips against the black background stand out more for me. The lips really make the t-shirt "pop." Can't wait to read Fury! :-)

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