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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Importance of Canine Self-Discipline

So...I spent my weekend with one of my very closest friends, Patrick, on the North Fork of Long Island, where my father has a house. I absolutely love the North Fork. It's beautiful and very agrarian; it's a farmland and pie shops, vineyards and beaches, bare feet and cheap beer kinda place. At night it is absolutely quiet except for the crickets, and the stars are absolute magic. My favorite part? Midnight swimming, my friends.
It's also a great place to write. I love the stimulation of NYC when it comes to brainstorming stories. There's so much inspiration to be found on the streets, and in the conversations and characters you encounter. But when it comes time to write, the same thing that makes it fabulous for inspiration--the noise, the activity--makes it difficult for execution.
The reverse is true on the North Fork, making it a wonderful place to write. It's also great to be around my dad, from whom I learned my disciplines and pattern of writing in the first place. Those of you who have heard me speak have no doubt heard me speak of my dad's work ethic. I have said over and over that I think the greatest skill you can develop as a writer is the capacity and motivation to write every day. It is the number one habit I encourage young writers to cultivate, and it is absolutely a skill I inherited and learned from my father.
Case in point: my dad NEVER takes a day off from writing. Ever. Even I occasionally take a Sunday off, particularly if I've finished a chapter or um, you know, a book.
Not my dad.
Crazy town, right? Well, it turns out a certain amount of discipline runs in the family because even the newest addition to the clan likes to start her a.m. at the computer! Check out the photographic evidence: below you'll find Trudy, my dad's new puppy, slaving away at her Macbook.

I guess if even puppies can get their butts in front of the computer...
Happy Monday!


Dwayne said...

I love Macs. See, even the puppy can't take his uhm...snout...off it! Happy Monday:)

Cindy said...

I love this! What a cute little pup you have!

Daisy Whitney said...

Writing is ALWAYS better when there is a dog next to you!

Lynsey Newton said...

Well if the dog can do it, then so can I! ;)

YA Book Queen said...

Darn Trudy! Not only is she pure adorableness but she's making me feel lazy ;)

MannaB said...

Is Trudy a Cairn Terrier? He looks just like my boy, max and hes a cairn

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