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Monday, January 3, 2011

Big DELIRIUM Preorder contest and Figment News!

Hey all--

The countdown to DELIRIUM is ON--check out the kick-off preorder contest on Deliriously Falling, my very own fan blog!!

Are you wondering what the extra special prizes from me will be?? Well, then, WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON, because SO AM I!!

No, but seriously, it will be a great prize pack, and is certain to include:
1. A book thong made by my friend, the lovely Briana of Book Pixie. It's a beautiful jeweled piece of underwear for your book! Just kidding. It's a beautiful jeweled bookmark for your book, but with a cooler name.
2. Some other cool books I've enjoyed reading, and you might enjoy reading too!
3. A t-shirt that says "Lauren Oliver loves me."

You know you want to preorder the book anyway, so you might as well enter for a chance to win!!!!

The second piece of cool news is this piece about my writing process, which is up on Figment right now! Haven't checked out figment yet?? Then what are you waiting for! STOP READING THIS AND GO THERE NOW. :P



Beth said...

Lol, I was just at figment and saw your writing!
I am officialy addicted to figment now :P.

is my profile : )

Nicole said...

Can't wait for this book!! And of course I really like the contest :)


A Backwards Story said...

I already have it preordered :) AND I've already read the ARC. So far, it's been passed to three of my co-workers at B&N with at least two more wanting it. We all went from Hunger Games to Matched, then my YA-loving manager read Delirium and passed it to me and I passed it to the above crowd. So far, we all like it better than Matched--and we loved Matched! I'm already telling customers to watch out for your book in Feb when they come in to snag Matched or look for something "Like The Hunger Games." ^_^

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