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Thursday, February 3, 2011


It was a dark and stormy night…followed by a blue and sunny day. The cavernous spaces of Chicago’s O’Hare airport were filled with the insidious whispers of various cell phone conversations, the cackling and crackling of walkie-talkies, and the low, ominous hum of generators.
A lone girl sat near gate B3, as the seconds ticked into minutes. A bead of sweat traced its way down her back.
Neither the promised plane nor the crew had arrived—it was as though they were vapor, ghostly impressions left by previous planes, and previous crews, and overoptimistic ground control forces.
What had happened to them? Had they been swallowed in the sky? Plucked from the air by supernatural forces? Or just rerouted to Florida?
The possibilities were too horrifying to contemplate.
Then, the unthinkable happened: the girl realized her coffee was empty.
Would she possibly survive??? Would she make it to Houston without going mental?? Would her book sales suffer irreparably from her missed tour dates????
Stay tuned for the next installment of: Lauren Oliver’s Delirium Tour, a Horror Story.


People, I've now heard that my event in Houston today--including my visit to Blue Willow, which I was SO looking forward to--has been canceled due to inclement weather. You guys, I can't tell you how devastated I am. I WILL be attempting to sign stock so that you will have lovely signed books in your local bookstores! Please bear with me and don't lose faith...



Miss Page-Turner said...

Bah that is so annoying!The weather is crashing your wonderful book tour:( Still I want to wish you a Happy Book Birthday for DELIRIUM! It's out in the UK today:)(of course I had to give you 5/5 stars, will publish my interview with you tomorrow on my blog)

Unknown said...

I hate that you can't make it to Houston!!! I adore Blue Willow and was so excited to see you were coming in town!!! They have all the best authors!!!

I still plan on snagging a copy I'll just have to catch you next time!!! Good luck handling all the weather!

Once Upon a Twilight said...

Lauren first of all I love this story, made me laugh.
Second I am one of the Houston fans that was so looking forward to meeting you today. Of course Im sad, but I prefer that your safety be first and foremost. Your fans will understand and we would never turn are backs on you.

amor deliria nervosa FOREVER!

Yara @ Once Upon a Twilight blog

Alyson Greene said...

So disappointed you won't be signing at Blue Willow tonight. Do you think you'll be coming to Houston again?
Hope you have safe travels in all that chilly weather.

Sab H. said...

Oh NO!!! I was SOOO looking forward to meeting you tonight!! Stupid weather!
Will you still be signing at the Woodlands tomorrow?? I might drive up there if you are...

`YA Bliss

Lisa Aldin said...

Maybe you should request Spring/Summer/Fall Book Release Dates to avoid the bad weather on tours? HA! =)

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Weather is such a fickle thing. My fingers are crossed the remainder of the tour goes off without a hitch!

Stacey said...

awwww poor lauren!!! i'm sorry your book b-day has been such a crazy mess!!! But i'll see you at BEA so we'll make up for it then!

Pixie said...

Aww this is such a sad, funny story. Sorry you are/were stuck in the airport. I was planning on seeing you tonight at Blue Willow, but I guess I will have to wait. Stay warm and safe.

writergal24 said...

Awww. Hang in there.

Bonnie @ A Backwards Story said...

I love the story...especially the coffee line! :)

I'm so sorry about your tour, though. Convince your publisher that a spring release is better :)

Unknown said...

Glad you'll be rescheduling Houston. I was so looking forward to bringing a few students to meet you!

Joy Preble said...

Was looking forward to meeting you! You were coming to our school in conjunction w/your B&N Woodlands signing. Feeling your pain - my latest book launched on 2/1 also and the entire Sourcebooks team is digging out still in Chicago. They basically said "cheers" to me on Tuesday morning then raced home to beat the storm.

Joy Preble
(whose signage is still sharing the Woodlands B&N lobby with yours and who hopes the ice melts by Saturday)

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