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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Special Valentine's Day Treat...

Greetings from the Dominican Republic! I know I've been kind of MIA: blame it on post-tour exhaustion and a beach side recovery that includes limited email access and lots of mojitos!

In case you've forgotten (or are trying to forget), today is Valentine's Day, a day both celebrated and reviled. Appropriately, I will be chatting LIVE on the Borders fb page about my book, DELIRIUM (link to the chat page here), from 1-2 p.m. EST.

Haven't read Delirium yet? Well then, get on it! It's a perfect book for you if you:
1. Have ever had your heart broken
2. Have ever had your heart healed
3. Have ever fallen for the "wrong" person
4. Have ever begun to questioned the values imposed by your community/society

If you have NOT experienced any of these things, I can only assume that you live inside of a large plastic bubble or are an alien reading this blogpost from some distant galaxy, in which cases, it might be difficult for you to get to a bookstore and you are excused. BUT EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD READ IT RIGHT AWAY!!


Aleeza said...

haha. ill be reading it right after i finish across the universe, and, yep Before I Fall. i can't waittt!
have an awesome vacation!

writergal24 said...

Read it and loved it!
Sounds like a great vacation, especially after all of this snow...

Unknown said...

I can't wait to read Delirium. And for the record, I have experienced all 4 the things you've mentioned. Especially #1. Many times too. Thanks for writing! I know it is tough. Working on a book myself.

Renee said...

just finished Delirium...just wanted to let you know it was awesome. well executed and not predictable, and it a good mix of plot elements and excitement... it was worth the wait.. I think you're one of the most impressive new authors out there.. your books have teen appeal and like Hunger Games a lot of grown up appeal too ... I know this doesn't have much to do with your blog post but I just wanted to tell you how I love your book(s) :) and I love recommending them to people who come into the library I work at.

pseudoname_girl said...

Delirium is absolutely gorgeous. The story concept, the interesting, three-dimensional, relateable and likeable characters, the poignant descriptions, and the ending, which tore my heart out.
Thank you so much for writing this book. I didn't think I'd be able to find something as amazing as this in today's YA genre, and Lena's voice, her personality struck really close to home, as did her relationship with Alex, which feels like the realest and most achingly beautiful romance I've read in a while. Maybe in ever.
My greatest wish is to be able to write a book like this some day. I'm off to read Before I Fall, and I'm really looking forward to your future work. Thanks so much again for creating Delirium, I can't even say how many times I'll be flipping back through and rereading my copy - it's like a modern/dystopian Romeo & Juliet, only fleshed out into something so much better, something like my definition of perfect literature. I'm diseased with love for this novel, seriously.

Olivia Salomon said...

Haven't been able to stop thinking about Delirium since I read it... it was really good. Sequel? Will there be? Maybe? (Not really expecting it... but it would be nice.) Really awesome idea. Love is a disease.... :)

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