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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What are you doing at 8:30 TONIGHT??

Will you be:

1. Drinking hot chocolate
2. Wearing fuzzy pajamas
3. Chatting with me via Eve's Fan Garden
4. All of the above

Ladies and gentleman, the correct answer is 4--ALL OF THE ABOVE (if you're lucky!).

Please do join us tonight at Eve's Fan Garden, even if you were not able to participate in the read-along. We'll be discussing DELIRIUM and I'll be fielding any questions you all want to ask me, such as: how did the experience of writing Delirium differ from that of writing Before I Fall? and: Why dystopian lit? and possibly even: What is your favorite kind of pickle??

That's the thing, people. It's all up to you.

If you can't catch me tonight, stay tuned for details of a chat I'm doing on Thursday via facebook. Basically, I'm going to be splashed all over the internet this week so you might as well just get in on the fun!

I'll even bring the remote hot chocolate...


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