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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Updates and News

Hello hello...

Long time, no blog! I'm sorry I've been MIA. This week was crazytown; I came back from the Dominican Republic (see pics of my horseback ride, below!) and, after a period of grieving, had a whirlwind of work to catch up on. But I wanted to share some crazy cool stuff that happened this week!

1. First off, I made the Times list. Delirium was #6 on the children's bestseller list for the week. I was so thrilled and happy, I nearly spat my drink out on author Courtney Sheinmel, with whom I was sitting at the time I found out...and that would have been tragic, because she was wearing a very nice shirt!

2. Secondly, I have a super cool verified author profile on Figment, now. Check it out here. Isn't it pretty?? I'm really digging this site, guys, and for all you writers out there (and I know there are a lot of you, because you lovelies respond to my writing challenges!), I encourage you to post your writing up there and start exploring this new community. Also, check out this amazing video that Figment filmed at WORD Brooklyn recently, at my reading with Anna Jarzab and Leila Sales.

3. Last but certainly not least: SWEET POTATO BURRITOS. Oh. My. Goodness. Okay, I know this is a little random and you might not be sure if sweet potato burritos are newsworthy, but trust me, they ARE. I discovered them at Naidre's, a cool little cafe on 7th Ave in Park Slope, but have been making my own recently and...YUM. YUM times a million! You MUST try them. You will thank me later.

I hope everyone's having a great long weekend. Hugs and sweet potatoes to all!



Michele said...

I Love sweet potatoe fries...might have to try that burrito!!!

Alwyn said...

Congrats on making the NYT list! You seriously deserve it. I finished Delerium yesterday and literally woke up in the middle of the night freaking out because I'd had a nightmare I was being dragged off to be Cured (And the only safe place was Romania and I was trying to get there using the subway? IDK that part was typical nightmare nonsense) But suffice to say it really affected me, and totally broke my heart in both the best and worst possible way. I am dying for the sequel and you definitely deserve that NYT bestseller spot!

Aleeza said...

congrats on making it on the NYT bestseller list! i had a feeling it'd be up there sooner or later :)
btw, im reading before i fall right now, and it is AMAZING. your writing kind of makes me want to give up any writerly aspirations i have. but in a good kind of way. if that makes any sense. :D

Lynsey Newton said...

Many congrats on hitting the NYT Bestseller list (I had confidence that you would). I loved Delirium but I can't believe you left the ending like that!!! ARGH!!! Can't wait to read Pandemonium :)

Also, thanks for the writer link am going to check that out now!

Jamie Fuchs said...

Congratulations on the bestsellers list! I know I was one of those purchases. :) And sweet potato burritos do sound awesome. I will have to find a place around here that makes them or try to make my own!

Pam Harris said...

Yay!! Congrats! 6 is a great number. :)

RaShelle Workman said...

I love the whole, you follow this person, so you'll love this person scenario on twitter. It's how I came to find you. So, HI. Sweet potato burritos sound delicious. I'll have to try them. I may have to make them myself because I don't live in NYC, but I do lurv sweet potatoes. Thanks for the tip.

A big, huge congrats on your making the NYtimes bestseller list. YAY!!! That's awesome. =D

Now I'll go check out that site. New follower, too.

Rhiannon said...

Naidre's has officially hit my list of places to eat while in town for the BEA, writing it down as we speak! That and of course the lovely shake shack.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats again!
I don't remember what shirt I was wearing, but moments like that are definitely spit-worthy, and that's what dry cleaners are for.

Iira said...

Congrats on making it to the NYT list!! I haven't read Delirium yet -I live in Fnland and the book hasn't made it here yet... But I'll buy it the next time I'm in the States! ;) Might have to wait for another six months but oh well, I bet it's worth the wait! I LOVED Before I Fall and can't wait to get my hands on Delirium!

Iira said...

....that's Finland by the way :D man my spelling's great!

Following you in Figment!

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